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Expert Testing system

Most of you are probably aware of the Expert Testing system: http://www.experts-exchange.com/Expert_Testing/

We're aware of a number of flaws in the system:
1. No real administrative system;
2. No reminder system to the Project Owner to respond to and close the bug reports;
3. No system for "ask a question" tied into the individual reports;
4. No smooth system for finding one's own projects (not in profile);
5. No dependable system for find the reports posted in someone else's projects; and most of all
6. No system of consequences for not attending to one's Project short of suspending an account

The possible project to update the Expert Testing system is NOT in the planning for the near future. However, it seems reasonable that if we, as a community, can establish the specifications for the upgraded systems, it will save a lot of work when EE does put it into the budget and resources allocation plan.

This discussion is for the purpose of developing a consensus on the specifications. Please be reminded that just because we have an idea doesn't mean that it become a reality -- but that doesn't mean we can't talk about it.


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>> I'll get Jason to visit with his camera again

HEY!  He left the table and left his camera in arms reach... what should he expect to happen?  Who knew how much he was going to enjoy it!!!

Granted that trick was much more fun back in the days of film...  It would be days and miles between parties before it was discovered!!!!!!

Hey, the pics are back, let's all take a look:  Grandma with food in here teeth,  Spike the dog, Uncle Fred with baby Agnes, WTF????

>>but if EE can retain some of the fee, then it's a possible revenue center.

Maybe similar to any of the rental models?  You pay the upfront rental fee and if you don't return the item, you are billed for it?

>> that we ask a question and abandon it.

*sigh*  I think I have...  I'm not used to being on the asking side so I forget to look at what I have open...
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Netminder2015-11-25 06:17 PMID: 1853735
Doesn't appear to be one abandoned.
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Netminder2015-11-25 06:21 PMID: 1853754
In a way there's nothing to stop experts like you or I continuing to post solutions in question, in the rare case that we ask a question and abandon it.
Theoretically, your permissions trump the abandoned question system. The history might say there's one, but you don't get the emails and you don't get locked. That was because there were threads in various topics that were like the Mods/TAs Bat Signal thread.

If an expert that has earned their membership, the project just doesn't provide the bounty
That's where the Testing System differs from the other new systems under development; there's no revenue to the Experts.
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Al Jee2015-11-27 07:43 PMID: 1855694
>...there's no revenue to the Experts. <

With the implication that Experts were in on the revenue previously?
Loves your humor, I do.
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Netminder2015-11-28 11:45 AMID: 1856914
They weren't previously, no. However, there are systems under consideration that could include a revenue-sharing component.
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>>However, there are systems under consideration that could include a revenue-sharing component.

Hopefully that is only for the Experts Testing side of the house.  If there is talk about moving that to the Q&A side, I would like to be a part of those discussions...  How would I ever fill my free time if I was forced into retirement?