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Who to turn to when EE Customer Service ignore all emails?

I've had an issue that I first pursued with Customer Service in July. Still not resolved, and now I don't even get replies to my follow up emails.

Where exactly are we supposed to turn when Customer Service behaves unprofessionally?
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Katie Keller2015-11-25 08:12 AMID: 1852854
Hi Jamie,

Thank you for posting here - I'm the manager of our Customer Service team and I'd like to begin by sincerely apologizing for the lack of response you have gotten from our team. You were communicating with one of our reps who moved on back in July, and upon her exit, your ticket was improperly re-assigned. We pride ourselves on our quick responses and sincere correspondence with our members, and we have failed you.

One of our Customer Support Specialists, Kline Boudreau, let me know he's speaking with you now, but I wanted you to hear from me, as well. Please feel free to reach out to me directly with any issues you have moving forward. I am always available via phone, chat, on-site messaging, email, etc.

Again, I truly apologize for the frustration this has caused.

Katie Keller
(805) 787-0603 Ext. 134
kkeller [at] experts-exchange [dot] com
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Gene/Katie +1
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Jamie McAllister2015-11-25 08:37 AMID: 1852914
Hi Katie and Gene,

Kline has been in touch and the issue seems to be progressing.

Many thanks for your response to my concerns.

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Owen Rubin2015-11-25 10:27 AMID: 1853354
As someone who also runs a developer and customer experience program, things sometimes fall through the cracks. I also monitor our forum, because it is a great place to hear from people who have problems.

I also suggest Katie that you have the "contact" or other general support email address forwarded to your email. I get "contact@" as that seems to be where people go when something gets dropped.

Impressive response here all the same.

+1 as well
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Rob2015-11-25 01:41 PMID: 1853514
+1 for Katie/Gene for a great response :)