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New Community team members!

Hi Everyone!

We wanted to reach out and say hello to everyone and introduce ourselves!

My name is Cassie and I'm the Onboarding Specialist here at EE. My main goal (in a very generalized statement) will be to provide education to our new members so that they are able to get the most out of their interaction on the site by having clear expectations set and knowledge of our tools from inception. I am excited about this role as I know it's very much needed and wanted. I hope that my contributions will help all of our users (Experts and Askers, alike) have a positive experience on Experts Exchange.

Jaime is our new Community Coordinator, and I'll let her tell you a little about herself in the comment section :) But I can assure you that she's also awesome.

We would love to get to know each of you and keep lines of communication open, so don't be strangers!

Added Jaime's comment in case it ends up buried:

Hello There!

I'm Jaime, and as Cassie said I am your new Community Coordinator. My role is essentially to help support the community, support the office, and continue to foster a positive relationship between the two. I'm here to listen and to help create more value for our Experts, so please don't hesitate to contact me if you have feedback, ideas for improvements, or just want to chat! Music, whiskey, and martial arts are a good place to start :)

I've already chatted with some of you, and I really look forward to getting to know the community more!

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Expert Comment

Jaime Lewis2015-12-16 03:06 PMID: 1869714
@Mark- I would certainly love to meet you all! Perhaps via skype or google hangout is a good short term solution.
Rank: Elite

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John2015-12-16 04:53 PMID: 1869754
Glad to have you back.
Rank: Prodigy

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Mark Wills2015-12-16 05:49 PMID: 1869774

It would be a pleasure, anytime. Though not good with fandangled technologies like skype and hangouts, I don't seem to frequent them enough. Might need an email (or EE messages) to coordinate.
Rank: Ace

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Geert G2015-12-17 06:08 AMID: 1870055
martial arts ?
so you are gonna be the one to knock some sense into the askers ?
Rank: Prodigy

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Vitor Montalv√£o2015-12-17 07:29 AMID: 1870095
Warm welcome Cassie and Jaime.

"My main goal (in a very generalized statement) will be to provide education to our new members (...) as I know it's very much needed and wanted."

Oh yeah. You couldn't be more right about that :)

Rank: Wizard

Expert Comment

David L. Hansen2015-12-17 02:12 PMID: 1870295
Good to have you both. Welcome!