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The best way to learn JavaScript

Hi guys,

Everybody has their own preferences when it comes to learning.
Regarding JavaScript, what do/did you use that you would definitely recommend?

I have a quite well defined set of learning resources when it comes to JavaScript:

I have two main "bibles" when it comes to Javascript:
Secrets of a JavaScript Ninja
High Performance JavaScript
With these two, you have it all covered.
Any Javascript dev in my team have to read them :)

The first is really deep into the language, and John makes a really good job there... mind blowing sometimes :)
Along with the book he put up this hands-on site that is also pretty cool:

The second overlaps a bit but gives a lot of very important hints on how your code is executed by the borwser.

Usually, you see mentioned the JavaScript: The good Parts that, although is really well written, it's not nearly enough if you really want to understand how the language and the environment that executes it.

Video Tutorials
When if comes to online training and keeping my axe sharp, Pluralsight is my best friend.
I use it for a lot of topics other than JavaScript, but it certainly does a good job ramping me up on any techy stuff.

So these are mine, what are yours!? :)
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Rob2015-12-18 04:13 AMID: 1870635
I'm an API kind of guy.  With any new language (or framework for that matter), I'll hit the online docs (e.g. MDN and yes even w3schools for a quick reference), as well as research the objects (Math, String etc) and coding structures.  I haven't used a textbook in a long time.

I do know there's a wealth of information regarding the ins and outs of the language as well as understanding the environment it runs in.  I can't say what's in the books but I do know that I would learn something about JavaScript reading them no doubt.

One example is closures.  Never knew the terminology as such even though I used the structure.  I still understood the scope and the impact of writing it, however never thought to research what you'd call it or explore the potential effects caused by using one.

Certainly one of the best ways I learn is through action. is my favourite sandbox, however jsfiddle, etc are all good too, I guess I just chose jsbin and haven't needed a reason to change.