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MVE Awards for 2015

Has there been an announcement of the selections?
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Netminder2016-04-19 03:03 PMID: 1906820
And you have a problem with that? It's not your usual swill...
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I wonder what's in the box?
This is what is in the box?
Thanks EE, for the box of awards and Shirts, and also no Customs Duty to pay! (because value was marked up under £15 GBP!  - Smart!!!)

If everybody else wonders about the box of Shirts, I give them out to staff, friends, and Students in Lecturers as prizes! When we have in house competitions, to spruce things up a bit! Keeps them interested, anything for FREE!

Thumbs up to EE, for nice shirts sealed in plastic bags, because I only wear my Award Shirts on special occasions, they get stored, yes I'm anal like that!

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Very nice Andrew!
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Martin Liss2016-04-23 11:21 AMID: 1907550
@Jamie: My award arrived today. Thanks/

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Jaime Lewis2016-04-25 08:11 AMID: 1907839
@Martin very glad to hear it! Apologies again for the delay, and I hope you enjoy :)