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Exchnage 2010 Clone

Hi all,

I have been task with creating a clone of our production exchange 2010 environment which is in the process of being migrated to office 365. Currently its setup in a Hybrid Deployment with an on premise exchange 2013 server. All mailboxes are still on with exchange 2010. What we would like to accomplish is to have a cloned copy of exchange mailboxes on a server before all mailboxes are migrated.

This cloned copy will be used for performing mailbox searches but would like to keep the cloned server separate from our production environment.

All servers are virtual and use up a lot of resources during mailbox searches.  Do anyone have any tips on how to create a cloned copy of exchange?

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Please post a question in the Exchange zone.
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Brian B2016-01-07 11:07 AMID: 1880558
Oddly enough, the asker posted this question to the Exchange zone before posting here: