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Re-order t-shirts

With all the shirts I've accumulated over the years, some have been thrown away as they've got to the end of their life. I would love to be able to re-order any one of them as a replacement. I wouldn't mind paying for it either.
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Hey Fanpages

It's possible, we may try to reboot the EE UK...., with EE's help again

see here

Join this Group...have a read


maybe they've got Ferrari's parked on their drives, they are not telling us about!

hey, if people want to send me free stuff, I'll gratefully receive it!

as for incentives, I love EE, but enjoy helping the thousands of VMware fans and newbies, and helping them on their journey to VMware Nirvana!!!

Cut me in half, and it reads - VMware!
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>>they are not telling us about!

Well since you mentioned it, mine is red!

Since TPTB are listening:  Can I get my next one in Yellow?
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Jim Dettman (EE MVE)2016-01-07 09:48 AMID: 1880538
I like the polo's myself, and the dress shirt is nice as well.

I wear them when ever I can, especially when traveling.

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Joe Winograd2016-01-07 11:10 PMID: 1880858
> EE-Store is on my roadmap!
> More than t-shirts, mugs, etc.

Hi Gene,
I'm glad to hear that! I really don't need all 60 t-shirts that are in my queue. Looking forward to your EE-Store! Regards, Joe
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Vitor Montalvão2016-01-11 03:01 AMID: 1882514
Polos and long sleeves will be great. I'm starting to give my EE t-shirts as well since I don't use them.
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Jason Carson2016-01-21 04:48 PMID: 1888384
+1 for Polo shirts