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Certification list updates to member's profiles

I recently completed my VCP 6 exam. I was going to add it to my profile, but when I selected the VMware certifications from the drop down there is no option for version 6. When or how often is the list for available certifications to select from updated?
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Netminder2016-01-07 10:14 AMID: 1880544

I think we just have to ask for it. If you can post the details in http://www.experts-exchange.com/Expert_Testing/1063/Share-your-feedback-or-report-a-bug-on-Experts-Exchange.html the staff has usually been pretty responsive about things like this.

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Jim Dettman (EE MVE)2016-01-07 01:45 PMID: 1880597
Congrats on passing the exam as well!

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Matt Minor2016-01-07 04:06 PMID: 1880674

There also does not seem to be any option for any of the Apple certifications. I currently hold a few, would be nice to get them added.

I'm brand new to the group so I'd just like to say hi folks, I'm glad to be here! :)

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Netminder2016-01-07 11:02 PMID: 1880856

Use the same link I posted to Rodney. It's really the best way to get them added.

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Rodney Barnhardt2016-01-08 08:59 AMID: 1881120
To any one interested. I posted on the link provided above. I was told they add the certifications as requested. So, anyone else looking to have certifications added\updated, just post on the link above. You should receive a confirmation message once they have submitted your request for the changes.

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Sina May2016-01-12 01:22 PMID: 1883299
Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that the VMware certifications have been added.


The Apple Certifications should be available on our next release (tentatively 1/18). You can join the Release Notes group to receive an update when that goes to production.