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Announcing the 2015 Top Experts & newest Most Valuable Experts

Each year, Experts Exchange recognizes a small group of volunteer Experts for our Annual Awards. Winners of Annual Expert Awards and the Most Valuable Experts show not only an incredible dedication to quality, but also demonstrate a commitment to problem solving and technical innovation. Top Experts are determined by performance in 12 categories during the 2015 calendar year. Most Valuable Experts are nominated by their peers and selected based on the impact they’ve had during their interactions, and how well they demonstrate the core values of the Experts Exchange community.

Without further ado, we are proud to announce the 2015 Experts Exchange Top Experts and the newest Most Valuable Experts!

2015 Annual Top Experts

Expert of the Year - Andrew Hancock
Rookie of the Year - sktneer
The Titan - Joe Winograd
The Ally - John Hurst
The Scribe - Andrew Hancock
The Director - Joe Winograd
The Scrutinizer - Gerwin Jansen
The Detective - Andrew Hancock
The Nomad - Rainer Jeschor
The Connoisseur - woolmilkporc
Impact Award - lherrou
Author of the Year - Jim Horn

2015 Most Valuable Experts


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Expert Comment


That's because the Juggernaut Award has been retired.

I personally liked the old Award names, but hey hoy, changes!

Us, old tossers, (referring to me!), never like change!


PS I'm always told, it's good for the soul.....
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Expert Comment

John2016-01-16 01:20 PMID: 1885605
I got an email this weekend (one of three from EE) saying I got the Juggernaut Award and offering the Hard Drive replica.

So what gives?
Rank: Elite

Expert Comment

Oh dear then a big cock-up on EE's part!

Someone does not know, the Awards this year, last year who knows!

Last Year, they made up an Award for me, because of a little cock-up!

It no longer exists! So I read and was informed!

Hey if you've got an email you've got An Award, Trophy and T-Shirt - Congrats on Two Awards!

see here...


Retired Awards
The expert with the most solutions from a mobile device. (Changed to The Nomad)
The expert who had the highest percentage of accepted solutions overall throughout the year. (Changed to The Connoisseur)
The expert who answered the most questions throughout the year.
The expert who climbed the most ranks, having started the year with at least 10,000 points.
The member with the most questions asked within the year with at least a 95% close rate (no force accepts).
The expert with the most accepted solutions on questions worth 100 points or fewer.
Rank: Elite

Expert Comment

John2016-01-16 01:26 PMID: 1885607
I got this

Congratulations thinkpads_user,

Your epic performance in 2015 has made you the winner of the The Ally award in the Twelfth Annual Expert Awards. You can redeem your trophy and shirt before February 1, 2016. Check out your name in lights! http://www.experts-exchange.com/expertAwards/annual.jsp?year=2015

And I checked the Redeem site and can get the trophy for Juggernaut.

So I would like to know what is going on.
Rank: Elite

Expert Comment

Yes, it's shown on your Profile as well!!!

No idea!

Seems like someone does not know it was Retired! (maybe!)
Rank: Elite

Expert Comment

John2016-01-16 01:42 PMID: 1885609
Too bad. I like Juggernaut better than Genius or Wizard (which I am not fond of on my T-Shirt).