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jQuery 3.0 is out

I've just realized that jQuery 3.0 is out and I've never used jQuery 2.0 in production.

How many of you already managed to completely disconnect the 1.* plug?
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Rob2016-01-16 12:51 PMID: 1885599
Is there a change log anywhere? Advantages of 3 over 2?
Never seemed 2 gave me enough to warrant using it...
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Alexandre Simões2016-01-16 02:16 PMID: 1885615
Hi Rob,
I don't have more information than the one provided on the link above; this v3.0 is still beta.

I would say that jQuery is going on a strange path.
v2.* was mainly about making the library small and easier to maintain by dropping all the trickery required for IE8 support.

v3.0 is coming but there are no "wow" features, just renamings and useless stuff.

Honestly, I don't have any feature requests for jQuery, and probably they're facing the same dilemma :)