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Topic description floats over page

I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate, with Firefox.

When I select "Topics" and select Access, I get the following displayed:floating description
When I try to scroll, it continues to display this box over 2/3s of the screen, covering most of the content.  This also appears to be the case when I use IE.  There is an "unfollow" button, but I'm not sure whether if I click that, I will no longer get email messages for questions posted to that topic area.  If that button is designed to hide that description, then you need to change the caption of the button.
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well.....  At least the overlay isn't on top of everything...

FF 43.0.4

Not seeing an improvement.
Top of screen:
Bottom is even worse...  WAY down at the bottom is the list of top experts (It is below what I was able to capture):
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Full screen is sort of even worse?

The right side has a lot of "extra" content but the questions "stop".  If the height is a certain size, why not have the displayed questions fill that void?

Nothing but the floating TA on the left?

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Dale Fye2016-01-25 05:43 PMID: 1890455

seems to be working properly for me using FireFox, both in Full screen and when reducing the Firefox window to about 1/2 my screen width (older 18" monitor).  Also works in IE.

Thanks for the fix.
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John2016-01-25 05:56 PMID: 1890458
I only use IE and for the most part here an 11" screen and it is all good here.
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>>seems to be working properly for me using FireFox

Good to know.  I did a crtl-F5 thinking it might be a cache issue.  Didn't help.

I'm not willing to clear my entire cache right now.  Maybe someday...   I never use that screen so it isn't an issue for me.  As long as it works for others.
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Craig Kehler2016-01-26 07:48 AMID: 1890751
There is another fix coming for this, there are still some pixel dimensions that aren't aesthetically pleasing in Firefox. However it should not block usability like it did before.