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Frequently Asked Questions in Your Topics

Hey Experts!

We're looking to compile a list of some of the most frequently asked tech questions on the site and we would love your help! Are there any questions in your topics of expertise that you find get asked pretty often (or at least similar questions)? If there are, could you share links to some of those on this thread?

Thank you so much in advance,
Courtney Whiting
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Scott Fell2016-01-29 08:45 AMID: 1892315
> caused because the askers just have no idea what to search for

This is very true. One of the things the Experts do very well is identify what the real question is.  Many times this is like pulling teeth.  It is common for the Asker to think their question is about one thing and it is really something else.

If the FAQ is going to have some type of search, it would be nice if it works like the question wizard.  If you search for, "Exchange" you also get choices for outlook, small business server, active directory etc.
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>> hoping you guys could help out with what you see pretty often.

I think we can ALL agree on this one:
I have 'X' and need to make it run faster.

We have to constantly explain to them that "faster" is NEVER a tuning goal.

>>but there isn't an easy way for it to group questions by similarity

Still running Oracle?

Check out UTL_MATCH:

Want something even better and likely much quicker:
Fuzzy Hash (SSDeep and a couple of others).  There is currently no Oracle wrapper for them (that I could find) but it isn't hard to create one...

Pull out just the text body of the original question, do some quick cleanup, like removing common stopwords, and run the comparison.

My bet is you'll be surprised at the results!!!
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John2016-01-29 04:14 PMID: 1892474
Another question that comes up over and over and over again.

I have Windows Home. I am not prepared to pay for Pro. How do I do business functions for free?

Here is another one that comes up over and over again.

I don't want to change the way I work or upgrade or anything like that, but I want my ancient system to do the same as new modern systems.
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Brian B2016-02-01 07:13 AMID: 1892796
How about answering the advice actually given by the experts? Many times when I post a solution, I'll ask for the results. The asker never says whether or not it worked or what the results were.

Also askers have to realize many times they have to bite the bullet and do something they don't want to do. For example, reboot, or format/reinstall. Sometimes the solution that sounds the worst will actually save you the most time rather than troubleshoot looking for some other rare solution.
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Vitor Montalvão2016-02-01 07:28 AMID: 1892800
In the database area (no matter is for SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL or Access topic) is very often to see questions with the same title:
Help with query
Query slow
Query returns error

These are very global titles and doesn't let us know what's really the question about. And when you open the question is like opening a Pandora Box. You never know what is coming there.
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rindi2016-02-01 10:24 AMID: 1892845
Oh that is quite normal. Many Askers select titles like "active Directory", "Windows", "PC", "Problem", "Help", "More Help", etc. Those are the exactly these titles which tell you exactly what he is asking...