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What software do you use for recording video tutorials?

Hello Experts!

Quick poll for those of you who use screen casting software for recording video tutorials- what software do you use?

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serialband2016-02-04 11:21 AMID: 1893683
Other than the one VLC mention, hasn't anyone here looked into other open sourced products for Windows?
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we use the Greenshot products....as well! (screenshot and screen recorder!)

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Jaime Lewis2016-02-04 11:39 AMID: 1893690
Andy, I really like that idea. Benefits for everyone!
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if your a Microsoft MVP...
Jeez, rub it in, why don't ya?

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bigeven20022016-02-04 09:30 PMID: 1893729
I have used Greenshot too for home use when creating screenshots.  I didn't realize it could also do video.  I'll have to check that out.  I have had issues with Greenshot recently where my print screen button won't call the capture region command unless I click on the task bar to make all windows inactive first.

We use Snagit at work which is made by TechSmith who also makes Camtasia.  I have done still image and video with Snagit and its not too shabby.  Not free though like Greenshot.
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We use Camtasia and sometimes Snagit.