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Code and Content Release: February 15, 2016

Hello everyone,

Here is what we expect to release on Monday February 15, 2016.

Updated styling on videos landing page (/videos/)
Updated styling on groups landing page (/groups/)
Updated How It Works page
Updated share functionality for solutions, articles, and videos

Updated welcome page design
User’s top certifications will be shown in Live interaction header
Ability to view profile within a Live conversation
Send message field text will now wrap
Participants can attach files during conversations

Ability to monitor or unmonitor an open project
Freelancers can now remove a proposal they’ve submitted
Added $ formatting to the budget column of the open project list

Job poster can now view the apply button

Fixed a problem that caused an email notification for the retired Juggernaut award to be sent
Fixed a bug where a full screened video had a black bar restricting video size
Fixed several sort issues with network searches
Paginating through search results will now return you to the top of the page
Neglected question alerts will no longer send for closed questions
Live: After multiple searches users will still be selectable

Have a great weekend!

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Expert Comment

Netminder2016-02-12 04:08 PMID: 1895281
Neglected question alerts will no longer send for closed questions

Author Comment

Jessica Riga2016-02-15 10:27 AMID: 1895635
Today's release is now live.