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April Webinar: Solved! How to Find Solutions on Experts-Exchange

Hi All!

To continue promoting member education initiatives, we are providing another webinar upon April 12th, at 10am PST. Because many new members need an extra hand finding specific enough information, we will be covering the following topics:

*How to use advanced search
*How to sort / refine search by comments, title, date.
*How to refine by solutions, articles, videos, and discussions
*How to save a search
*Brief overviews of both "Live" and "Gigs"

Please feel free to look at the details (and join us!) if you'd like:
Solved! How to Find Solutions on Experts-Exchange!

If you have feedback, comments or suggestions, please let me know! Or, if you're interested in contributing, please send me an email - I'd love to discuss how we can work together to continue to educate members.
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Enabbar Ocap2016-03-30 05:02 PMID: 1902579
Perhaps the site needs to change rather than having specially written courses on how to use it.
It isn't difficult to find what you are looking for on Amazon or to set up a notification on ebay to let you know when something you are looking for is offered.
It used to be easy to find things on EE as well, just drill down through a simple tree structure until you reach the level you are looking for. Add a search for specific words or phrases, which google can do for you, and no special courses for advanced members should be necessary.
More time could then be spent getting the site to work properly, letting me edit easily on my phone perhaps, and perhaps more people would be able to post questions and answers.
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Disclaimer:  This post is solely my opinion based on observable events.

Your sentiments are not unique.  They have been echoed in several different areas of the site in recent history.

Thank you good sir!
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PortletPaul2016-03-30 05:44 PMID: 1902590
>>"letting me edit easily on my phone perhaps,"

yes please
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Al Jee2016-04-01 08:44 AMID: 1902917
Somebodies haven't actually thought this whole EE data structure thing through, have they?  :-/
This used to be such a logical & informative site.
Devolving from intuitive & usable to muddied and complex isn't a step backwards; it's a trip and fall into the Grand Canyon.

If I have to take a course on how to use a web site I will go elsewhere.

Good money says that 99.7% of visitors to EE will react in exactly the same way.

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bsod2016-04-17 11:53 PMID: 1906335
It took me two weeks to find this discussion. Am I too late for the webinar?