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Dell tech support issues

Since when did Dell quit offering free lifetime tech support for their Poweredge products?
I called and without even giving me a chance to enter in a Express service code of of a legit server
i was transferred to India and then cut off.

I have several Dell servers under warranty ,but not under the phone number I was calling from.

As bad as HP is, warranty or no warranty ,they will help you troubleshoot a server issue as long as it's a HP branded server.

Has the time come to dump Dell as a resource?.
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A person called back and asked if I needed a technician to show up. No

there lies the problem....

we always say yes, no matter how small the issue, and yes we could do it, but IT KEEPS service Engineers in a JOB!


We get them out even to change disks.....in HOT PLUG situations!

You do KNOW, that ALL Customer Service Operators, get a BONUS, if you DO NOT Request an Engineer!
SAVE JOBS CALL OUT AN ENGINEER TODAY! It's part of your Service Contract, so why are you opting for the cheap option!
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Brian B2016-04-11 07:16 AMID: 1904998
For the last couple of years we have been letting our HP warranties expire and purchasing third party warranty. $11/mo per server, and they answer the phone right away and send us the part or a tech as required.

As far as factory warranty goes, our reseller is also a factory authorized repair centre. So I just call them directly and they arrange the chargeback to the vendor.

(Sorry Andrew, I don't usually request a tech because of the security hoops we have to get through to allow them on site.)
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DrDave2422016-04-11 07:33 AMID: 1905001
You do KNOW, that ALL Customer Service Operators, get a BONUS, if you DO NOT Request an Engineer!
Sorry, but I don't believe this to be true. Something as easily abused as that wouldn't be the basis for a bonus by any sensibly-run company.

If your service contract entitles you to an on-site technician, you're welcome to request one for even the simplest jobs, but keep in mind that the service provider is certainly keeping track of the added expense of sending someone on site. When it comes time to evaluate the cost of these contracts vs. how much revenue they're bringing in, that expense will be noted.
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"sensibly-run company." - those same companies which outsource move their Customer Support offshore, and provide no training to Customer Support staff which operate from scripts!

and we've been in top meetings with those companies, and it's shocking what they say about those Customer Support Departments, which is not politically correct today, and racist.

and We wrote and complained about their attitude, and stated it's not the fault of the Call Centre Staff, but the Management and ethos of the company and it's not acceptable.
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pgm5542016-04-12 05:13 PMID: 1905244
I just got off the phone to Dell (India of course)and to upgrade my contact for a PE310 from basic to 7x24 is an extra $1100 for 2 years
I can buy a new file server as a standby for parts that comes with a 3year warranty.

I mean really?

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ArneLovius2016-05-14 03:06 AMID: 1911773
In the UK Compaq server support used to be significantly better than Dell, and I moved completely over to Compaq, and stayed when it became HP.

Not had reason to use Dell support recently in the UK, but in the US I've been pleasantly surprised with having triage and techs based in the US, I have only event been calling them about issues on servers with Pro Support though.

upgrade my contact for a PE310
, well yes, you're upgrading to 24*7 on an old server, of course its going to be expensive, if you had taken it out when you purchased, it would have cost less...

I do have one bugbear with Dell servers of the x10 and x20 generations though, "flea power drain" to completely reset a DRAC, something that I've never had to do on an iLo...

On the other side of the fence, with HP no longer supplying updates unless the server is under a maintenance contract, I'm probably going to move away from HP to Dell where at least updates are still available without a contract. Why do I have any servers without a maintenance contract ? because assets get sweated, support contract for the first 3 years, then cycled onto lower priority roles such as extended replica hyper-v servers, development/staging/lab servers etc