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Angular 2: What are your thoughts?

Curious if anyone is using Angular 2 yet.
I know it's still in beta so I guess not many would be using it in production, but I wanted to know what your thoughts are on it so far.

I started learning  Angular 1.5, but then I saw that Angular 2 was coming out soon so I jumped over to start learning that. So far it seems pretty solid, though I haven't attempted anything super complex.

I've mostly been teaching myself through the various examples and tutorials in their documentation, just applying to my own application. What are some other ways to learn?
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Brian Matis2016-04-14 01:19 PMID: 1905694
I'm pretty intrigued by this too. Have been interested in dabbling in Angular myself, but have wondered if it's worth learning 1.5 for now or jumping straight to 2.  Like, is 2 stable enough that it's worth getting into yet? If not, is sticking with 1.5 and then switching to 2 when it's out of beta more worthwhile? I've heard there's some decent differences so I wonder how well the 1.5 knowledge would transfer over...

(Quick background - I'm a Product Manager by day, but I do like to do some hobbyist-level coding in my free time.)
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Rob2016-04-14 11:19 PMID: 1905758
I've been using knockoutjs for a long time and have started the move across to Angular.

Not sure I would use a beta until it's live.  e.g. jQuery, most are still using version 1