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02 May 2016 Release Notes

Happy Friday everyone,

Here is what we expect to release on Monday, 2 May, 2016.


Formatting on all content will be more flexible
Like this amazing indented bullet!
The My Earnings dashboard will now be accessible from the main site navigation. Check under the My Account menu (your member icon in the upper right)
It also has a new display when no money has been earned yet
Removed “Weekly Content Feed Digest” email
Share menu on Expert Testing, Profiles, and Groups updated to new locations and styling
CSC “What’s this?” popup text updated to clarify different card requirements

After a Project has been submitted for review by the freelancer, recurring reminder notifications and emails will be sent to the client

Live consultants will now be shown on topic landing pages
Made the extra cost of converting a neglected question to a help request more clear

Fixed a display issue with the login popup on Gigs-related pages
Fixed a display issue when searching for users to invite to a Group
Fixed a typo on the edit question page
Fixed a display issue with the status indicator message that appears on a Gig Project that has been removed
Uploading a file with a percent sign in the name no longer fails
Fixed a display issue with profile page history (viewed as free member)
Fixed an issue where topics show duplicate content when “view more” is clicked
If Askers accept their own solution and their question goes into close request pending, the system will no longer show prompts to close the question
CSC async messaging for Amex cards will now show correct messaging

Please let us know if you have any questions.

The Experts Exchange Team
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Author Comment

Jessica Riga2016-05-02 10:36 AMID: 1909289
Today's release is now live.

Expert Comment

Modalot2016-05-02 11:27 AMID: 1909297
The bullet list here does not seem to render correctly in IE 11 (no issues in Chrome):
"Share menu on Expert Testing, Profiles, and Groups updated to new locations and styling" means it is located below the Top Testers (on the right) in Bugs, on top of Top Contributors (on the left) in Groups, and almost at the top in Profiles. IMHO should always be at the top to keep it consistent.

Expert Comment

Modalot2016-05-02 11:29 AMID: 1909299
The cogwheel for my comment above only appeared after refreshing the page.
Rank: Prodigy

Expert Comment

PortletPaul2016-05-02 02:46 PMID: 1909345
do dots inside a quote work?

1. Yippee yes they do!

but i presume bold
[b]does not[/b] work inside code

Open in new window


Author Comment

Jessica Riga2016-05-04 09:11 AMID: 1909723
Thank you @ Modalot, we'll look into those issues. If you run into anything else please file it in our Expert Testing project to help us have a centralized location of bug reports - plus you'll get some points :)

Expert Comment

Modalot2016-05-04 10:48 AMID: 1909772
I'm only posting here for bugs I do not want points for :D.