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BTF Toolbar Update

Hi All,

I wanted to give a quick update to some changes we're making to the BTF Toolbar on Monday, 09 May. As some of you may have heard, we made the switch to our new encoder on all of the content last Monday. Part of the follow-ups for this are transitioning the "bullet" and "step" tags to use newer tags, since they do smart things like recognize new lines and allow nesting.

The Bullet button will transition to generating [list] tags:

bulleted list
Steps will be renamed to "Numbered list"s and use the [list=1] tag format which create real numbered lists:

numbered list
Like this:

  1. Thing 1
  2. Thing 2

A support article is in progress detailing all of the supported tags available with the new encoder.

These changes mean [step] tags would still work if manually applied, but they wouldn't be a part of our toolbar anymore. The [bullet] tags will also still work, but are considered deprecated, so anyone who has fancy macros / other things that reference these tags should update accordingly.

Please let me know if you have any questions!
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Joe Winograd2016-05-06 12:19 PMID: 1910161
Hi Sina,
Great stuff! Regards, Joe
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Vitor Montalvão2016-05-11 01:34 AMID: 1911042
I don't like the changes.
First for Bulleted and Numbered lists if you format the text to bold, italic or underline it will take it as new lines. Example:
  1. This is a text. I just want a
  2. single
  3. line but this will make this
  4. comment
  5. to appear in
  6. multiple lines
  7. .

Second, the CODE block now add line number. Even at first sight seems to be a good idea it's really bad if you want to copy the code since will also copy the line numbers and you need to manual delete them. I just had a bad experience with 287 code lines and it made me quit to answer the question. When is 5, 6 lines of code I don't mind to edit the code and delete the line numbers but hundreds on lines is too much.

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Sina May2016-05-11 09:03 AMID: 1911117
Hi Vitor,

We're looking into the issue with the lists this morning. Thanks for sharing it with us.

We'll also look into what we can do about the code snippet line numbers.

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Sina May2016-05-11 09:31 AMID: 1911126
So we have a workaround for the list issue. If you wrap the item in your list that has formatting in [item] tags, it will post correctly. We realize this is not ideal as no one would intuitively know to do this, so we're seeing if we can come up with a fix on our end.

For example:

[list=1][item]This is text. I just want a [b]single[/b] line but this will make this [i]comment[/i] to appear in [u]multiple lines[/u].[/item][/list]

Would look like this:

  1. This is text. I just want a single line but this will make this comment to appear in multiple lines.

Also, the issue with the line numbers is specific to IE11 ignoring our CSS that makes the "Select All" exclude the line numbers, so we'll have to come up with something fancy there as well. In the meantime, if you are OK with using Chrome or FF they don't exhibit this behavior.

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Modalot2016-05-11 02:40 PMID: 1911206
Aha, that is also a way to have line breaks in the list:
  • First line
    with a line break
  • Next item.
which is
[item]First line
with a line break
Next item.

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Vitor Montalvão2016-05-11 11:55 PMID: 1911409
Thanks for the workaround Sina.