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New Messaging Interface- Coming Soon!

We are working on giving the messaging system a much needed interface improvement.

Below is a sneak peak of the mockups. It will be built responsive so it can be easily used on a tablet or mobile device.

Messaging Dropdown
The team has started work on this project and has already released the following improvements to the site:
  • Making messaging available to Free Members, now everyone can message!
  • Providing a link in the email to go directly to the message
  • Fixing the message counter in the header to increase/decrease correctly

This new messaging interface is projected to release early June.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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Author Comment

Brenae Noack2016-05-16 04:19 PMID: 1912320
Bing CISM / CISSP & Mohammed Hamada- Thanks for the suggestions for future improvements!

We have released the new navigation messaging dropdown today. Looking forward to releasing the full interface soon!
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Expert Comment

Kyle Santos2016-05-16 04:21 PMID: 1912321
OH NICE.  :)

Author Comment

Brenae Noack2016-06-13 02:58 PMID: 1917399
The new messaging interface has been released. Feel free to message me any feedback!

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Expert Comment

Kyle Santos2016-06-13 03:06 PMID: 1917403
Nice upgrade for sure.  Thank you.
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Expert Comment

Scott Fell2016-06-13 09:38 PMID: 1917431
Thank you for going forward with these updates.  It is an improvement.  But the main message area is claustrophobic when you have more than one short note to somebody and a short reply. In longer threads I would like to do without the fixed height.

Author Comment

Brenae Noack2016-06-15 08:28 AMID: 1917727
Hi Scott, Thanks for the feedback and suggestion in your bug report. I am sharing it with the team :)