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Gigs Service Clarification

Hi All,

My apologies in advanced if this question has already been asked.  (A search feature in discussions would be great . . . couldn't find it if there is one!)

I'm nearing completion on a gig and the client brought up the possibility of doing more independent programming for them on other projects (not related in anyway to the gig itself).  Am I beholden in any way to EE for a percentage of the future potential earnings?  I remember there being something in the old ToS but from what I'm reading of the new one (https://www.experts-exchange.com/gigsServiceAgreement.jsp) it looks like the agreement terminates at the end of the service?

I'm just trying to do the right thing here and don't want to be seen as attempting to bypass the fee if one is due and would need to consider that in my negotiations.  

Thanks in advanced.
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I believe you are correct, and the old ToS were changed, to reflect the new terms, so you can, continue to work, with a client, before it stated you couldn't!
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Netminder2016-05-19 10:06 AMID: 1913013


You CAN search for discussions. Go to https://www.experts-exchange.com/advancedSearch.jsp, check the box for Groups, and go from there.


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Kyle Abrahams2016-05-19 10:31 AMID: 1913017
Thanks to both for the replies.  

@NetMinder I'll use that in the future.
<feature-request> Might I suggest putting a search within the discussion list / group home?   </feature-request>

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Jessica Riga2016-05-19 05:32 PMID: 1913086
Thanks for the suggestion, Kyle! We agree that will be a great improvement for Group Discussions although the work is not currently scheduled.

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Jessica Riga2016-05-24 08:27 AMID: 1913911
Kyle, I thought I'd confirm too that the ToS don't prohibit you from future work outside of Gigs. However you'll lose out on the benefits of having an NDA, contract, and confidence you'll be paid on delivery.

Thanks for checking!
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Kyle Abrahams2016-05-24 08:41 AMID: 1913915
Appreciate the confirmation and understood about the risks and what not.  Not sure if it will pan out but it's nice to know the option is there!  Really amazed (and thankful) EE dropped the non-compete / continued fee for the first year.