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Talking about Jail breaking an iPhone?

As I answer iPhone questions I see a mixed bag of "here's how you do it" and "Jailbroken iPhone can do the restore, but it is not allowed to discuss JB in this forum for your case".  A recent example of the latter scenario witnessed here: https://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/28949478/About-to-Wipe-my-iphone-5-what-will-I-lose.html

Is this really against EE policy to discuss such things?
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noxcho2016-06-03 09:06 AMID: 1915831
Hi Kyle,
I guess the policy is that jailbraking is done without permissin of the product owner - which is Apple. One should distinguish between unlocking and jb. Unlock takes place either automatically or the provider does it. In case of jb the user himself unlocks his phone. So it is considered to be illegal. Just my thoughts.
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Brian Matis2016-06-03 09:40 AMID: 1915843
I've never wanted to jailbreak mine because it seems pretty risky from a reliability perspective, but in the U.S. at least, it should be legal. Here's an article from Wired back in 2010 when the government officially declared it ok:

I'm not aware of anything that's changed on that.
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Matt Davies2016-06-03 04:54 PMID: 1915885
The process or end result may be legal but most of the programs that carry out the function have questionable source code or use an application flaw to perform the break. A recent aggressive scan for viruses on our servers returned more results involving iphone jailbreak utilities than anything else.

We are here to help solve problems IMHO not to generate them.