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Expert Comment

Moussa Mokhtari2016-06-15 11:58 AMID: 1917787

Expert Comment

Marcos Santo2016-11-25 06:13 AMID: 1952003

I send in an article about Windows updates 4 to 5 days ago but had no reaction if it was accepted as an article with the right requirements.
Do you no what it could be?

Thanks in advance,

Marcos Santo
Rank: Sage

Author Comment

Kyle Santos2016-11-28 03:17 PMID: 1952349
Hi Marcos,

I am a Page Editor here on the site and reviewed your article.  Check it out. :)

Expert Comment

Marcos Santo2016-11-28 11:42 PMID: 1952414
Kyle Santos, Thank you for checking out my article! Really appreciate it.