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[Main] Introduce yourself!

Here we will introduce our new Experts to the Community!  

@ New Experts - Introduce yourself!

@ Experts - Feel free to say hello to these members and welcome them to Experts Exchange.

Let me know if you have any questions.
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Obaid ur Rehman2017-06-02 11:17 AMID: 2013333
Welcome everyone. I've been away for a while but I will be more active again.

Looking forward to help and get help. EE is amazing :-)

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Kyle Santos2017-06-02 11:19 AMID: 2013334
Good to see you again, Obaid! =)
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Jackie Man2017-10-31 10:24 AMID: 2068183
Hello Everyone,

I have been a new member since October 2009.

8 years has passed and my membership is free for live now.

I have obtained 64 (8 x 8) topics of at least a Master level and have over 88 members in my network and have tried the following 8 products/functions of Experts Exchange.

  1. Question - Answering and Asking
  2. Website Testing
  3. Live
  4. Groups
  5. Store
  6. Courses
  7. Article - Voting and Writing
  8. Cleanup Volunteer

If your motive is to learn through answering questions, you are on the right track and I am sure that you will become a good troubleshooter from what you have learnt in Experts Exchange.


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Kostas Kostas2017-10-31 01:28 PMID: 2068223
Hi jackie,

I am here 6 months and i found it very intresting

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Oops I just noticed I have never introduced myself here.

I'm new at Experts Exchange and I found this website while I was working at Dell. It helped me search for some answers and somehow explaining things to my co workers as well.

I like learning new things and searching things I dont know about so if any case I can help, please do ask.

Happy Holidays everyone.

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David Matson2018-08-02 01:01 PMID: 2229835
Greetings Everyone!

I've used the site for more than a decade at least, but only just started a Profile here today.

I was a Microsoft MVP for Mobile Devices (Windows Mobile/Windows Phone) from 2008 thru 2012.   Since Microsoft discontinued those products, I've been looking for a new place to call home, and this struck me as the best place to start.

I've renewed through Microsoft as a "Reconnect MVP" as of 2016, and have really been enjoying it so far.

I look forward to making a positive contribution to this community!