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Opinions on iOS development and languages

I'm starting a new project, and deciding on both the platform and hiring developers. Currently, we're looking at iOS...but we may want (in the future) to migrate to Windows/OSX/Android in addition to iOS.

So, I'm debating the best code-base. This leads me to two questions:

1. How many developers out there are comfortable writing BOTH Objective-C AND C#...and to what fluency with each?

2. For iOS development (knowing the possibility of wanting to ADD other platforms later)...would people recommend working with Xamarin, or stick with native Objective-C?
To help me with this, I'm also gathering some statistics for those willing to do a survey. It's not a sales thing (no one will contact you) and no personal data is collected. If anyone is interested in helping out, you can find it at:


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Mujtaba_Alam_Khan2016-08-10 11:00 AMID: 1929202
I did the survey but here is something extra I would put in this because of my experience in mobile development for a long time.
There are a few developers out there who know Objective-c, C# and Java but what I have seen (from professional experience) they lack to develop a native application (iOS / Android).

Other thing is that a lot of companies try and use a cross-platform development (one sort of development for both iOS / Android),
Sometimes with Xamarin or Hybrid applications to save time and money but in the long run it cost the same and the end product isn't great.

Also the version of iOS / Android change each year and cross-platforms can take up to 6 months to adopt to the newest versions.

I would say stick to the native languages (Objective-c, Swift or Java Android) because they provide the end users the best experience and you can do a lot in them.

iOS should be first choice of application to be developed because it has a huge market in the USA/Europe & even Middle-East.

- Muj ;-)