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List of improvement you would require for MS Exchange email client end user.

Hi All,

 I have been handed over a  project where I have to work to find list of issues a email client users faces (Outlook /OWA/ ActiveSync)
 and I have to propose the region where I can improve the end user experience by putting forward to Microsoft.

 I am looking for your inputs on what issues you see an what kind of end user improvement you would like to see in Email clients.

 I know each infra is different issues and I am ok to get those inputs as well and once I discuss with Microsoft I will post their inputs on this question.
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Jim Horn2016-07-07 07:07 AMID: 1922588
Guessing this should be a question in the Outlook / Exchange zones.
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Rob Hutchinson2016-07-07 07:51 AMID: 1922592
Have an 'option' for users to make the email transparent with the desktop so that the initial Windows login displays email/calendar/tasks--all part of the desktop--visible and ready to use as soon as the user logs into Windows...with newer SSD drives this should not slow the login down much.

Basically make the Outlook gui pieces customizable to not only to have them be placed individually anywhere on the desktop, but also to change their appearance customizable( extreme--not just keeping the appearance and changing the color) such as fonts, menu color and size etc. Make Outlook have awesome themes or make awesome themes for Windows Desktop an have these Desktop themes carry over to the desktop pieces of Outlook. I can hear the complainers complain about this suggestion, so they can always use Outlook like the same old boring Outlook that has been around forever if this change is only an option.

Then also make the local mail storage file for home users unlimited by the size of the hard drive if this isn't the case already.

I use Outlook 2016 at home, and it looks boring, same old Outlook gui that with cosmetic features that has been around since the beginning of time.
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John2016-07-07 07:55 AMID: 1922593
Outlook, Office and Windows GUI interfaces should always be optional. I like boring and simple. I know where everything is and my stuff just works.
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Rob Hutchinson2016-07-07 08:01 AMID: 1922595
lol, knew it...John is the first complainer issuing a warning to make sure it's optional.
/airslap on the back
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Learner2016-07-07 11:15 PMID: 1922823
Thanks Rob for your suggestions.

Wondering if there something from end user performance point of view (calendar /shared mailbox) we can think about.