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Should experts stop answering questions II

I first fielded this question (should experts stop answering questions I) in 2014.
I want to explore it again for a bit.  I thought I was done, but discovered I was not. This time, I am not planning to slow down in the near future.

Near the end of the 2014 thread, Jason Levine asked "Just out of curiosity and if you are willing to share, what were your goals? "  I wrote in response (back then):

1. In early 2011, I realized I had gone a number of days (months) with a Good Answer (at least one) every day. I went 7 months in 2011 with a Good Answer every day (keeps the doctor away). Since then, I have gone 1,461 days (1/1/2011 to 12/31/2014) with 23 days of no Good Answers and 1,438 days with a Good Answer every day. I am removing this goal effective 1/1/2015.

This goal is why I have not got a lot of patience with people who say they cannot earn 3,000 per month. Just work hard!

2. I realized in 2012 with change in the wind, I could achieve 5 Million points and free access. So I put some effort into this.
3. (a) With the new site and the new Achievements, I realized I could earn 100,000 points per month, so I have worked at that. I last fell below 100,000 point in a month in April, 2011.
3. (b) This year, I could see Savant on the horizon, so I put some serious effort into the last half of the year, earned over 200,000 points per month for 6 months and earned Savant in 2014.
5. I have tried to keep my end up in PAC.
6. I wrote some very decent articles and have thoughts for more to write plus at least one video.
7. I have tried to keep my end up as Topic Advisor.
8. I try as hard as I can to answer in a way that member appreciate the help (and a number do). That means I am achieving my primary goal of helping people.


I updated goals and objectives, there are different people around now, fewer experts and more newcomers from what I can see.

1. I continue to try as hard as I can to answer in a way that member appreciate the help. This remains my primary goal. This had been Goal 8 and I moved it to the top.
2. I revived Goal 1. I went from October 11, 2014 to July 1, 2016 with a Good Answer every day. That is 600 contiguous days. I have not been able to do that prior to October 11.  
3. I received a couple of emails (receipt of free access and awards) that I was expected to keep contributing and I have. I have earned free lifetime access 3 times now.
4. I work on achieving 200,000 points each month now.
6. PAC has been disbanded, I am not a designated expert (my choice) and so I am just Joe Lunchbucket member.
7. Article count is up to 20, my articles are well read, and at this, I have no plans to make video.
8. I still pay attention to my TA duties, and a few members are unhappy with me because I do.

The first time (2014) there were a lot of different answers, but the overall response was that experts should not stop answering questions.

There was a recent thread "Abandoners should not be tolerated". I very much agree with this and one of my ideas in that thread has gone on the EE Project list to consider. Some members may rue the day I showed up here.

In that thread, some people suggested that points were most important to me. Not true. Helping people is most important to me, but if one helps enough people, points are an outcome to that effort. I do like a "Good Answer" email, and I am happy to accumulate the points that go along with this. However, I do not like to waste my time.

I started another thread today on Hobbies - Please post if you have Hobbies. One member said (tongue in cheek) that they thought I was here 24x7 and no time for hobbies. Indeed I do have time for hobbies and lots of time for family and grandchildren. But wasting time on people who abandon questions take away from this time.

So here I am. Last year in 3rd spot the whole year and the first half of this year in 2nd spot. I wonder if I can make it to the end.

Why keep going?  Something that most people do not understand is that you cannot learn much (anything really) by reading about it and asking questions. You can only learn by answering questions, solving problems, and applying logic to any and all situations. I have learned a lot answering questions here and also by continuing to run my consulting business. I am one of the oldest participating members in here (one of, not the oldest or only one). It is good for my health to keep physically and mentally active and I do both.

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younghv2016-08-01 03:23 AMID: 1926850
John's original question has become even more pertinent in the past few days.
The comment from "Netminder" will be the last one in this thread - or anywhere else on EE.
For more details, read through this thread:
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Julian Hansen2016-08-01 04:29 AMID: 1926859

I had already read that and all the comments - but I feel like I have joined a conversation with a history that I am missing. Is there more to this than contained in that thread?
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Dave Baldwin2016-08-01 04:55 AMID: 1926862
Just that the divergence of viewpoints between us 'experts' and the management has been going on for quite a few years now.  Like I said, I don't take any of this seriously, I find answering questions to be fun and educational though more for me than the askers.
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younghv2016-08-01 04:59 AMID: 1926863
@Julian -
There are comments in the PE and ZA Group threads also, but you have to be members to read them.
There may be more in the thread you saw today after the EE staffers wander in to work.
Unlike all of us, they don't work the site on nights and weekends.
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Julian Hansen2016-08-01 05:10 AMID: 1926864
"There are comments in the PE and ZA Group threads also, but you have to be members to read them."
I guess I will have to ... ah guess then - just a lowly TA so not privy to the latest scuttlebutt ...
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younghv2016-08-01 05:39 AMID: 1926867
ZA/TA (Zone Advisor/Topic Advisor) - same thing. I forget when the name change was made.

I wish there was one thread for all comments, and that all could read.