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Updates to the Question Experience on Monday

Hi everyone,

As Gene mentioned in the Next Chapter for EE, we are actively  working on projects to support making question and answers free.

A large issue we have had on our site is getting members to come back to close their questions and reward the experts who dedicated their time to giving a solution. We want to make sure we have systems in place to properly reward experts and identify the correct solutions if an author abandons their question.

On Monday 8/8, we will be releasing three updates to the question experience:

Inactive Question State
If a question has not received a comment from anyone within the last 14 days it goes into a new “Inactive” state.

Inactive question state details:
  • Only Participants, Author, Mods & TA’s have the option to comment
  • Once a comment is posted the question is no longer in the inactive state
  • Participants can request to close the question by selecting the best/assisted solutions.
  • If closed by a participant, it triggers our standard “Close Request Pending” process where Participants, Authors, Mods and TA’s have the 4 days to object to how the question is being closed.
  • If no one objects, the question is closed as recommended  
  • If someone objects, the question remains in the inactive state

Inactive question message to participants:

Inactive question message to participants
Inactive question message to non-participants:

Inactive question message to non-participants:
Additional notes:
  • Participants will receive an email letting them know when the question goes into the inactive state
  • Authors will still receive the abandoned question email
  • Inactive state is an available filter in advanced search

Close Request Objections & Request Attentions
Objecting to an close request will no longer automatically file a request for attention. The ability to request attention is available for anyone to use as necessary.

Abandoned Question Wizard Lock
Currently, a member’s question wizard is locked when they have an abandoned question (14 days of no comment by the author). We have removed this lock since the question can be closed by someone other than the author in the inactive question state.

Please reach out if you have any questions.
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Expert Comment

Christopher Rourke2016-09-09 10:15 AMID: 1935801
Quick note: while compiling I identified a couple of feature requests that we have already acted upon. I had informed users that had provided similar feedback in the Expert Testing feature when those changes occurred but failed to inform this group.

Features added per community feedback:

  • Flag questions closed by participants
  • Solutions accepted by participants are denoted as such in the comment meta-data section and a flag is set on the back-end for database reporting.
  • Allow new participants to post to inactive questions
  • New participants can comment on inactive questions. Within the text container explaining inactive question there is a bullet for adding a comment which links to expanding the text-area for posting. This feature request seemed to be well split regarding those in favor vs. against so having the link trigger the comment box (rather than having it always present) was a middle ground we felt address each groups desires/concerns


Expert Comment

Christopher Rourke2016-09-20 10:23 AMID: 1937838
Hello again everyone,

Sorry for my absence over the past week, I was out with a nasty case of pneumonia but am much better now. Wanted to let you all know I am back to reviewing your feedback and have a feature update to provide.

In this and other conversations many members have requested an option to suggest deletion be added to the inactive question state. We are currently working on this and are aiming to have it completed for the release coming on Monday September 26th. Similar to suggesting solutions, suggesting deletion will trigger a 4-day auto-close process during which participants may object to the deletion. If no objections are received within the 4-day window the deletion will be processed.

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Expert Comment

Rob2016-09-22 05:49 AMID: 1938322
Thanks Rourke, great step forward and good to hear you've recovered okay!
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Expert Comment

perfect solution Rourke - it'll keep me from posting administrative comments that I want to delete the question

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Modalot2016-09-22 08:22 AMID: 1938348
... which is nonsense anyway - didn't I tell you that recently, Gerwin ;-)?
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Expert Comment

yeah yeah :p