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August & September 2016 Updates

Hi Experts,

As we discussed in the The Next Chapter of Experts Exchange, we are actively working on projects to support making Q&A free.

We are happy to announce that we will be making Q&A free on August 22nd.

Here is a more detailed list of projects that will be releasing in August and September to support this initiative.


Q&A Free
  • All solutions visible logged out.
  • Basic members can view all solutions, ask questions, and answer question.
  • Basic members no longer have a “view count” to view full articles and videos.
  • Premium members can ask private questions, view all articles, view all videos and receive discounts on Live, Gigs and Careers.
  • Plus member will receive all Premium features. Plus will no longer be offered.

Expert Levels
  • Our goal for this project is to provide an easily understandable numerical scale to convey member’s expertise (overall and topic-specific) and to provide a more natural progression.
  • Introducing new levels based on an exponentially increasing point threshold.
  • Answering a question and earning your first 2000 points also equates to reaching level 1.
  • This will not impact current Experts Exchange ranks, certifications or shirt redemption or the ability to attain them.
  • Levels will appear next to your avatar on question, article and video comments. They will also display in search results and Gig proposals you submit.

LevelsLevels Graph
Community Endorsed Comments
  • Formerly “Good Comment” we now have Endorsements.
  • You can see the members who endorse your contributions.
  • Hover over the number of endorsements to see those from high ranking experts and the people you follow.
  • Click on the number of endorsements for the full list with more information about the members who value your input.

Live Hourly Rate
  • Consultants set their desired rate per hour
  • Clients charged based on this rate + facilitation fee dependent on membership
  • Additional information shown on consultant listings for clients to compare members quickly
  • Price per minute
  • Ratings
  • Ranks in topics of request
  • Location
  • Level


Qualified Expert Status
  • Achieving Qualified Expert status (and earning one month of free Premium access) will increase from 3,000 points to 10,000 points.
  • Maintaining Qualified Expert status also increases from 3,000 points/month to 10,000 points/month or having earned 100,000 points in the previous 12 months.
  • Starts the calendar month of September

We’re excited to launch our new platform for creating, selling, and taking online technology training courses. Whether you’re interested in learning new skills or sharing your knowledge with others, Experts Exchange is here for you.

  • Want to earn money with your teaching skills? Create and sell your own technology training courses.
  • Incorporate video and article content into your course curriculum
  • Set your own payout amount for each sale
  • Or offer free courses to Premium Members to help share your knowledge and build your reputation
  • If you are interested in being a course instructor, please email instructors@experts-exchange.com
  • Want to learn new technology skills? Take technology training courses developed by the Experts Exchange community and partners
  • Learn online with video and article based courses
  • Lifetime access to paid courses
  • Learn at your own pace and track your progress
  • Discounts and free courses available for Premium Members

Course Instructor ViewCourses
  • Quickly communicate site activity and availability
  • Highlight top skills and tech certifications
  • Show what your most into even if you aren’t certified yet
  • Customizable overview
  • Display ratings and reviews from Gigs and Live

Watch the release notes for specific dates these products and features will be available: https://www.experts-exchange.com/groups/Release-Notes.html

We are looking forward to this next chapter of Experts Exchange and want to thank you all for your continued support over the last 20 years!
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Rank: Prodigy

Expert Comment

Mark Wills2016-08-20 06:30 AMID: 1931005

Thanks for your earlier reply above, and quite sure you think you are on the right track.

There are plenty of metrics available to you and not shared with the community (no problems there), but we do see anecdotal evidence where the numbers reveal that the processes must not be working as well as you would like to present. We live in this space and subject to those processes, and so, get to experience the shortcomings.

If nothing else the aforementioned numbers would include the number of bug notification emails we seem to gather after each release.  
If nothing else the aforementioned numbers would include the repetitive theme of dwindling number of questions asked.

We see the release notes to rectify or refine prior deliverables. We see the commentary of those concerned enough to express themselves (across a number of threads). As for engaging the community, I could probably name a few of the "go to" experts you engage, and a few who like to contact the office on a regular basis, but, choose not to name or single out. It is fine to employ external help, however, that has its own pitfalls when manifesting for the community, without the community.
I have also had first hand experience of EE being overtly dismissive. Suffice to say that quite often, it would seem that the project process looks to be seeking a rubber stamp, delivered as a fait accompli, the engagement almost as a divide and conquer approach to isolate specific members. But my views should be nothing new to you, I have expressed it all before and yet we see the same issues repeat.

So, there are shortfalls in the process (which need not be the case). In the meantime the decisions and deliverables are impacting the overall experience. Which in turn, must surely impact the experience in terms of quality and reputation.

Author Comment

Brenae Noack2016-08-22 09:46 AMID: 1931323
Hi Mark,

Our road-map for August and September, as outlined in this post, is targeted toward increasing EE's reputation and the reputation of our community. As I mentioned in my previous comment, we have a variety of inputs we use to create our strategy. If you have suggestions to improve these processes moving forward, please feel free to message me.

- Brenae
Rank: Elite

Expert Comment

John2016-08-22 02:25 PMID: 1931366
Mark Wills wrote: "Interestingly, dividing points earned by 2000 gives you an indication of number of theoretical Good Answers at max (non neglected) points."

I managed to increase 1 Level since this started.
Rank: Elite

Expert Comment

that must mean you can have more spells in your rucksack!
Rank: Prodigy

Expert Comment

Jim Horn2016-08-22 02:41 PMID: 1931368
>I managed to increase 1 Level since this started.
I bet if you wrote that on your dating site profile you can get dates out of the deal.  Worth a shot.

Expert Comment

Rob Jurd2016-08-24 10:10 PMID: 1931743