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Options for "help resolve this question"

I'm wondering if a recommendation to delete the question should be included in the options for closing abandoned questions.
Or is this too much like turning everyone into cleanup volunteers?

Thoughts from the community?
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Owen Rubin2016-08-28 04:58 PMID: 1932418
Rindi. I agree and it's the same. But sometimes people are OK with it immediately , and the ability to not have to wait if everyone approves can speed some things up. If all say yes right away, just delete. Right now, not objecting is indeterminate for some time. Do you agree and are silent or have you just not seen it yet and we wait.

Getting the moderator out of the need to delete in most cases if everyone,  or a majority after some time, is clean and automatic. That was my suggestion.
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footech2016-08-28 09:33 PMID: 1932427
I suppose that making everyone cleanup volunteers (essentially) might be where this is headed.

1) Best outcome is still for the author to accept the solution.
2) Next is for participants to either recommend posts as solutions (or maybe recommend deletion).
3) If none of the above has occurred, you could take it to mean that there is either no clear solution or no one cares enough for the question to be retained, and is thus deleted automatically (at some determined point, like after 90 days).

The crux of course is how to incentivize #1, and there've been a number of discussions around that.

Conversely, this could be looked at as eliminating CVs.
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Rob2016-08-28 11:05 PMID: 1932430
CVs come in between points 2 and 3. After a couple of weeks there still enough for them to do.
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MAS2016-08-29 12:38 AMID: 1932436
Agree with footech.
Best would be author close the question, If the author doesn't respond on time the the participants in play.
If none of them responding,  CVs in play. Keep the question opened for example 90 days and delete if the none of the comments are not helping.
What if participants miss the emails due to large number of emails received? Then CV should be in play.

Just a suggestion which is off topic
It would be helpful if these emails (attention required, Help solve emails) goes to a secondary email as well to resolve the question with high priority,
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Rob2016-08-29 01:07 AMID: 1932438
Currently any question that's gone for 21 days (ie one week being inactive) without comment is automatically in the cleanup queue
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Scott Fell2016-08-29 09:21 PMID: 1932651
> If someone objects, the conversation should NOT be part of the answer.

I would say that conversation can be part of the answer or at least show how the selected answer is derived.  If the discussion goes sideways, you can RA and have the Mods handle it.