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12 September 2016 Release Notes

Hi everyone,

Here is what we expect to release on Monday, 12 September, 2016.

  • New profile design focused on professional presentation and better integration of new products
  • Quick Info Section: View the basic information about a member quickly at the top of their profile
  • Add your top skills: You don’t need a certification in a topic to add it as a skill, so you can list these even if you’re brand new to the site or technology to let people know what you’re most into. We’ve picked your top 3 based on your activity over the past year
  • Customizable overview tab: adjust the placement of your biography, professional background, education, and languages to highlight your strongest areas
  • Level progress indicator: See your current level and how many points you need to level up.
  • More coming soon!
  • Editing topics on a question is now in-line and uses sneak preview of new topic selector
  • Endorsements can now be rescinded, clicking the endorsement thumb again will remove your endorsement
  • Participants and moderators can award points to a solution provided by a question author.
  • A variant of the expert level ribbon has been implemented to highlight moderators in comment threads

  • The ask question interface will no longer show error messages related to “Primary” topics
  • Fixed an issue in messages that could cause the main message display to scroll to the bottom automatically
  • Fixed a issue where a question’s point value would be reduced to zero if a solution was unaccepted

Please let us know if you have any questions.

The Experts Exchange Team
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Vitor Montalvão2016-10-04 02:02 AMID: 1940636
Looks like awarding points to the author is not being consensual at all.
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Expert Comment

actually it's completely consensual.  the Author went out of his way to come back and write a solution, and could easily have closed the question, but left it open.  therefore if the question and it's solution is useful, then people who come and use can choose to reward the author for havign found a valid solution to their own question.

  If the question and/or solution is not useful, for whatever reason, then likely no one will be seeing it, and even if they do they aren't likely to award points for it.

  The only possible "problem" with this system, is a subset of an obvious and already existing problem, so I hesitate to even mention it.  You could create a fake account to award yourself points in this manner.

  However it would be easier to create fake accounts asking questions and answer these questions in order for your accounts to get points, and it seems unlikely that anyone is going to do that strictly to get free access when there are free alternatives to Experts-Exchange.

As a side note: I suspect they are the leading cause of the decline in solid questions and solid answers in some areas of the E-E community.
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Vitor Montalvão2016-10-07 07:59 AMID: 1941336
There's another thread where Experts are discussing this based in the known experience. The fake account isn't being used (at least by what I could see) but what's happening more is Experts (mostly the new ones) are closing those questions awarding themselves the full points of the question. This is being traced as abusive since majority of the times their answers aren't even correct. Sometimes we catch those abusive situations and cancel the points award but I'm sure many times we don't have time to see it and will pass.
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@Vitor, but the author does not receive the points unless another member votes to do so.  therefore, it sounds like either fake accounts are being used or people are voting their friends points.
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Vitor Montalvão2016-11-20 11:50 PMID: 1951019
Ben, this is not the case that the author is choosing her/his own comment as solution but newbies Experts. It's a way for them to get points and reach Master or higher level faster.

Expert Comment

Rob Jurd2016-11-21 01:38 AMID: 1951037

To cut to the chase the teams are aware of the concerns regarding experts closing questions.  I can tell you that they're being closely monitored and flagged automatically in the system.  Once there's enough data to indicate a trend there will be action taken.
If you do however, notice anything suspicious in the meantime then just hit the RA button and a moderator will take a look.

EE Moderator