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New Profile Page

Original discussion https://www.experts-exchange.com/discussions/217885/Profiles-Update-Early-Access.html

This was released today.  Go check it out!

The URL of your profile page is

or follow these steps to get to your profile page:
  • Login to your account.
  • Click your avatar in the upper right section of the header.
  • Select Profile.

Start updating your profile page if you haven't yet.  More updates to come!
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Expert Comment

John2016-09-13 11:10 AMID: 1936515
Thanks Kyle - that works well. I have been in Contributions but I do not use Certifications much and so did not look there. Thank you.
Rank: Sage

Author Comment

Kyle Santos2016-09-13 11:12 AMID: 1936516

Let me know if you have any questions.
Rank: Master

Expert Comment

Austin Texas2016-10-23 07:09 PMID: 1944640
I would like a place to go find all comments I have made in group discussions. Does that exist?

Expert Comment

Sina May2016-10-24 08:40 AMID: 1944708
Hi Austin,

The fastest way to do that is by using the "Contributions" tab on your profile. Filter by "Group Discussions" then use the "Activity by Member" dropdown to select "Any comment by". This should give you the list you're looking for.

discussion comments in search
If it's something you think you'll use often, I can show you how to create a saved search with a few more clicks.
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Expert Comment

Austin Texas2016-10-24 01:22 PMID: 1944774
Woot! Thanks Sina!

Expert Comment

Sina May2016-10-24 02:00 PMID: 1944781
No problem!