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Community Closing Questions: Kudos to Jackie Man

Here is a longer thread that went through Cleanup and objections and finally closed by Jackie Man taking in part instructions from the question Author and in part Jackie's own intuition.  

I would say this is the expected outcome when closing is left to the community.  The system may not always be perfect, but this was a good one.  Thank you Jackie Man!

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John2016-09-14 08:00 AMID: 1936736
I agree. Jackie Man always helps us with these kind of questions.  Thank you Jackie Man
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Kyle Santos2016-09-14 10:04 AMID: 1936784
Yes, they are an Expert I follow and try to emulate on the site. =)
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AndyAinscow2016-09-15 07:11 AMID: 1937002
He's the man!!!!  LOL
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Jackie Man2016-11-01 07:30 PMID: 1946762
I just saw these threads when I search for my name.

Thanks you all for your valuable feedback!