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I Can Edit Everyone Else's Topics In Every Question !!!!!

...... or so it appears.

View someone's question and you will see that the "edit" beside the topics is not greyed out.
Click on edit and you can then delete topics !!!

"Save" is not greyed out so I presume I can save my changes.

(I did not test "Save" as I didn't want to mess up other people's questions).
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Eirman2016-10-07 06:23 AMID: 1941312
I removed the original 2 topics from this question as they were totally irrelevant.
This left zero topics. I then added 4 new relevant topics.

Will new question notifications go out to experts based on the new topics?

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Modalot2016-10-07 10:59 AMID: 1941388

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Rob Jurd2016-10-07 01:54 PMID: 1941445
Unless you check the box to suppress alerts. Do you see that checkbox?
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>> Do you see that checkbox?

Isn't that only on full question edit?  I see it there but not on in-question topic editing.  If you see it there, must be a Mod thing...
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fanpages2016-10-08 01:31 AMID: 1941508

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Rob Jurd2016-10-08 02:32 AMID: 1941513
You're right I've only just seen the edit topics under the topics on the question.
That checkbox is only for the edit question.