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Most people don't really value something if it is free.

This is made up of extracts from my posts in this trending thread .....
I want them to be viewed by a larger audience, thus this new thread.
The 10k points requirements for experts to gain full access to EE and the reduction to zero points
for the ability of experts to ask questions is a really ill-thought out combination of business policies.
Simultaneously hiring and lowering the bar for experts is not just illogical,
it is plain and simply a daft business strategy.

Not charging for questions devalues EE.
EE will become just another Q&A forum.
Most people don't really value something if it is free.
Free questions will attract loads of obvious spam and apparently genuine questions, that are in fact disguised spam.
Free questions will attract low quality questions and further devalue EE in the eyes of it's present day blue-chip subscribers.
A modest annual charge would make more sense.

Anyone can now post a 'question' with spam links without even registering.
Span is now escalating - I'm getting regular question notifications with spam links.
Sometimes I find that they are already deleted and sometimes I 'request attention'.
When the word spreads amongst spammers, this site could be flooded.
Constant and vigilant moderation will be a requirement.

Many experts like myself like myself are annoyed at the new 10k threshold where
the only benefit appears to be an uncluttered interface.

A big re-think is really needed.
Management may ignore the experts but the spammers will make sure that it happens.
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Ray Paseur2016-11-26 10:38 AMID: 1952139
... as long as the number of questions increase ...
That is the biggest issue in the PHP Zone!  We're down into the one or two questions per day range.  In comparison, StackOverflow often sees multiple PHP questions per minute.

I hope marketing, for the explicit purpose of attracting questions, is a central focus for E-E management.
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I cannot put my finger on it, maybe there are other places, for free, blogs, web sites, you tube, where VMware/Virtualisation Questions are being Answered, but VMware/Virtualisation questions are very thin on the ground this year, worse than ever....

or it's just getting easier to use!

Questions are really down....
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BillDL2016-11-26 01:04 PMID: 1952146
On the plus side, there has been an increase in really useful questions about:
Windshield wipers:
and loads of other interesting ones asked by single-day single-question free members.
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Enabbar Ocap2016-11-26 02:30 PMID: 1952157
Hey! I like miscellaneous questions. I think it's good that people can ask about stuff that isn't IT related. Many people have lives outside work and might need some help with fixing the car or painting the house, don't send them away, if you know the answer try and help, otherwise leave the question alone.
<moaning>You can't ask that here,  this is a tech forum, we want you to have done half the work yourself and at least understand most of what I'm telling you. This is you're correct solution (the prev expert is wrong). </moaning>
Questions are there to be answered.
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BillDL2016-11-26 04:45 PMID: 1952159
Correct, and I am not bemoaning the fact that there is a "miscellaneous" section, but my point was a follow-on from the previous two observations that questions in the technical areas seem to be drying up while I am seeing a lot more "single-day single-question free members" who neglect the questions.  The result often is deletion of the question, or else a cleanup closure with a widely spread point share that bags the experts only about 30 points each.  It is as though EE is attracting "Yahoo Answers" members with a plethora of miscellaneous questions and losing members with technical questions.  I like the miscellaneous ones as long as the people asking them are literate enough in English to allow some decent suggestions from experts without them first having to waste several days clarifying what is being asked.
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leakim9712016-12-19 12:30 AMID: 1956788
What is the objective?
If I was owner, it would be to be sure my site have THE answer to THE question.
So having the hugest computer science DB.
Tomorrow, with some artificial intelligence, you ask a question and you get the right answer before you finish to type it.
FB for people, Google for informations, EE for computer science

Free for more people, more moderators, more questions, more answers
More people to ask
More moderators to cleanup useless/abandonned questions
More question to have more answers