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EE, paywall, spam and where next?

There are a couple of other vigorous discussions about recent changes to EE.
One thing I have noticed is that I am now getting question alerts which are in reality spam.  This seems to be due to the fact that anyone can now ask questions without paying any fee to join EE.
To be honest I really do not want spam mail - really REALLY NOT AT ALL.  
At present I am still accepting question and other email alerts from EE.  For me the simplest way to stop this spam which gets past my spam filter is to stop receiving alerts from EE.  At present I haven't gone down that road.  Also it doesn't stop other experts getting spammed.  Maybe the best way is not for each expert to implement things on their own but for EE to stop the spam at source.

I'd be interested in hearing from other experts, and the EE staff, how they feel about this and what if anything is planned to get this under control.
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PortletPaul2016-09-26 03:08 PMID: 1939203
What is the relationship of the async loaded crap and spam? I don't get it. I'm not voting in favour of that stuff just don't see the relationship.

I'm not seeing spam in my EE notifications (all from saved seaches that are SQL  related).
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Rob2016-09-26 03:36 PMID: 1939209
I've been aware of the issue for some time as has Gene and the team.

They're actively working on a solution. Will keep you posted.
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Nick672016-09-26 03:50 PMID: 1939212
Unlimited questions is part of the recipe for mischief.
SO has the 'you can't add a response, only comments until you have a reputation of x' and 'this question is closed becuase it attracted low-quality answers' for a reason.

The Asker has to have skin in the game, or they won't play by the rules.
You only get to unlimited after Asking/Answering X number of questions without an Abandonation or deletion.
There has to be controls, or there won't be order.
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bigeven20022016-09-26 04:20 PMID: 1939217
Any extra stuff that loads asynchronously at the bottom of the question as you scroll down, and had nothing to do with the question, to me that is spam.
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Nick672016-09-26 04:37 PMID: 1939222
'SPAM' has a very specific meaning
Almost always 'spam' refers to unsolicited commercial email, and that's what THIS discussion is about.
Occasionally, spam can refer to unwanted third-party messages injected into user-generated comments on a site.

Any extra stuff that loads asynchronously at the bottom of the question as you scroll down, and had nothing to do with the question...
is clickbait.

And while EE may be adding some clickbait, the very real possibility with unlimited users, unlimited questions and 10 topics per question at creation is a blizzard of email notifications for unwanted third-party messages.
Control of that needs to be exercised BEFORE it becomes a massive headache.
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AndyAinscow2016-09-26 11:05 PMID: 1939237
Clickbait I can live with, it is all part of advertising BUT as a premium member there to answer a question (or have mine answered) I expect that not to make my task more difficult.

Spam mail I do not want.

ps.  Many years ago as part of a management qualification the human resource course was involved with the question why people change jobs.  Interestingly the major driving force is not how good the new job could be but how bad the current situation is.  People are driven away rather than being attracted.  I think any business can tell you it is much easier to keep an existing customer than to win a new customer.