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Email Subject Lines - One small step for man

Hi everyone,

One of the teams here at the office has been looking at how to improve the notifications Experts Exchange sends to our members. One of the problems we identified was that members were not able to quickly identify what a notification was about, especially via email. Our formatting is quite varied and in some cases lengthy, so we decided to take a look at our current subject lines and what we could do to get them consistent and more importantly, shorter! Our hope is that these new emails will help you recognize important updates faster on all of your devices.

Here is a spreadsheet outlining the subject lines we are proposing:

Proposed Email Subjects

We also reviewed the sender names and aliases to see if we could help provide context and more feedback points through those elements.

If you're interested in providing feedback, feel free to review the spreadsheet and leave commentary. I'll do my best to compromise on any concerns and hopefully we can begin making updates over the next few weeks.

We focused on the more common community type emails, so you won't see stuff related to account changes / billing in here unless it's generated through community interactions.

If you aren't sure which email an email type is referring to, feel free to ask for clarification.

Happy commenting!

- Sina
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Enabbar Ocap2016-11-15 09:06 AMID: 1949595
A comment has still been po...
The only changes I've noticed are the missing times and ids from the posts and the inclusion of an advert between the last comment and the comment box which makes it look like the question has closed. It was much simpler when the comment box was just below the last comment and at the bottom of the page so you could scroll all the way down to find it.
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Qlemo2016-11-15 09:15 AMID: 1949605
Robin, those changes are not related. The first email notif change wave was implemented yesterday, the layout on site one week ago.
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still creating rules...
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Kyle Santos2016-11-15 11:38 AMID: 1949668
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Kyle Santos2016-11-15 11:41 AMID: 1949673
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PortletPaul2016-11-18 06:05 PMID: 1950738
A new set of email header changes are coming Nov 21 with the 2 most common affecting this audience (I believe) being:

FROM:     Neglected Question on Experts Exchange
SUBJECT: Help Answer: How do I XYZ?

FROM:     Question Comment on Experts Exchange
SUBJECT: Expert Comment: How do I XYZ?

Your email rules may need change