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Juniper & Microsoft (and other certification tracks)

Why there is no Juniper in Certifications and in Topics?
I am wondering why there is no Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certificate listed?
MCITP is there but according to Microsoft
Most MCITP certifications will be retired by July 31, 2014
will be (if not already) marked as legacy.
I did not check other certification paths, but I guess that other may have similar issues as Microsoft.
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Request them via EE Support, and they'll list them for you, if you feel left out.

I'm not sure EE can be help responsible to know and list all the Certs which currently Exist, past, present and future.

So a simple request, and I'm sure they'll add them for you.
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Rich Weissler2016-10-31 04:00 AMID: 1946348
I will add that Support has been very helpful (and pretty quick) in adding professional certifications -- and it has the advantage over a free-text option, that the certification graphic also gets added.  :-)
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Sina May2016-11-02 02:30 PMID: 1946938
Hi Predrag,

I've filed requests to add the Juniper certification tracks and add the MCP certification to the Microsoft selections. Please let me know if you have any additional certifications you'd like to see added.
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JustInCase2016-11-14 01:13 PMID: 1949285
Thank you.
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Brian Matis2016-11-14 03:23 PMID: 1949331
Speaking of Juniper, I noticed that someone proposed it as a new topic today, so be sure to vote if you want to see it as an official topic here on EE!

Cheers :-)