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More Office 365 plans include Access, and there's new data connectors!

Microsoft Access is now included with Office 365 business and business premium plans, but more significantly Access has new data connectors like oData and Sales Force with more to come!
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fanpages2016-11-05 01:37 AMID: 1947437
"Microsoft Access is now included with Office 365..."

Where "now" does not mean at this present time:

Soon, Access will be rolling out to Office 365 Business and Business Premium subscribers. Access will be automatically installed for these customers as part of their next regular Office client update, rolling out between December 1, 2016 and January 30, 2017. Access will continue to be included in the Office 365 ProPlus, E3 and E5 plans.
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Jim Dettman (EE MVE)2016-11-05 03:46 AMID: 1947444
I think your hair splitting.    It is now (as of today) part of those just a matter of when your going to get the update.