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How could Experts Exchange suit your everyday needs?

I imagine most people are searchers (lurkers?) on Experts Exchange and sites like Experts Exchange, but if there was one thing the site could do to improve your life daily, what do you imagine that would be?

Take a leap.  If you don't normally say things out loud I am encouraging you to do so now. :)
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Hi Kyle,

The article editor - it is extremely clunky :)

Best regards,
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Sometimes I see 10 answers for one question and all 10 are completely different. I'd like to see a way for a request for pausing the question so the person asking to see what works and then resume again. I've been here just over a month and I skip many questions now because I don't think the person asking the question will read my answer, and it's my time I'm giving to help. I think there is also a bit of competition between the experts.
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Lofty Worm2016-11-25 06:44 AMID: 1952005
I would like to see an experts for experts section with points.  I ask some pretty complex questions, and getting 101 responses clutters it up, and often makes it appear a question is being addressed but is not.  A spot where experts with over 250K points can participate and ask/answer questions.
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Kyle Santos2016-11-30 11:45 AMID: 1952819
@CodeTwo Software,
We are aware and its on our radar to improve.  :)
We have no development ETA at this time.

I've been here just over a month and I skip many questions now because I don't think the person asking the question will read my answer
I have felt this way before.  Usually a prod gets them moving again, or you can see if a Moderator can get involved by Requesting Attention.  Also, Inactive questions is a recent feature where EE allows participants to determine on how to close a question if the asker does not return.
In most cases, if you answer the question, you can later designate if the question should be closed by accepting your answer or other participant's answers as the solutions.

Thank you for the report. I have captured this feedback for our teams.

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IT-Expert2016-12-20 01:18 AMID: 1957039
I don't want to start off on a negative, but I have very mixed feelings about a site like this, even though, in some ways, I find it beneficial, shall we say?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but the points system is purely a way of being 'graded', and doesn't serve any other purpose?  For this reason, I'm kind of mindful of what I answer and what I don't.  Why?  Because, considering it's MY TIME, I don't get paid for it?
Obviously, aside from the 'Gigs' side of things, if the site DID become paid, then it wouldn't exist. (I'm guessing).
The other aspect that can be problematic, is if I don't get to a question 'on-time', then what happens is that depending on the level of responses, it can take a fair bit of time to work through what has already been said, to see if it's worth contributing or not.  I realise that this may be a problem for everyone, of course! :-)
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Kyle Santos2016-12-20 09:40 AMID: 1957144
Hi IT-Expert,

Thank you for bringing this up.  Answering questions does have benefits.

Another example of earning points benefits you is you have access to things like Voting on Proposed Topics, adjusting topics on Questions and joining the exclusive Expert Community Group.  These abilities are accessible at Level 5 (50,000 points overall).

Additional information on proposed topics feature.

Answering questions (and working Gigs/Live) gets you great notoriety in the online world.  For example, here are some Experts with tremendous profiles for their areas of work around the site in Q&A, Gigs, Live.


Let me know if you have any additional questions. :)