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Neglected Question tag/flag

Did Neglected Questions lose their tag/flag?  For a while it was appearing with the Private tag... (and now that I say that, I'm not certain I've see a question marked private in a while either.)
Are they gone, or just moved somewhere that isn't catching my eye?
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Speed542016-12-09 12:58 PMID: 1954804
Just goes to prove that old chestnut
"If it ain't broke, don't fix it"

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Rob Jurd2016-12-09 01:23 PMID: 1954806
The neglected system is still in place and no intention of removing it at this stage.

I'll follow up with Craig as to where the label has gone.

The label itself was causing all amounts of grief to members that didn't understand it. I was constantly educating particularly askers, that they hasn't neglected their question until it said abandoned.

That said, both neglected and abandoned are not the terminology that expresses a positive experience.  I'm guessing that what you're seeing is a move to redo these labels for a more positive experience.  Leave it with me.

Rob (eenookami)
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Rich Weissler2016-12-09 07:27 PMID: 1954902
Fantastic.  Thanks Rob.
The actual wording wouldn't even matter to me.  I'd be happy with a little red flag on somewhere on the question that I could recognize.  Add a tooltip which said "Question in need of Expert Attention", or "Need'n a little Expert Lov'n" or something.  :-)

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Rob Jurd2016-12-09 08:39 PMID: 1954907
Exactly. For the time being everything is the same just no label. Ie point multiplier, designated experts etc

I'm keep you posted
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Kyle Santos2016-12-28 04:37 PMID: 1958673
This will be fixed on Tuesday January 3rd, 2017.

Neglected ( yellow )
Solved ( LI = green | LO = orange )
Deleted ( red )
Private ( gray )
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Rich Weissler2016-12-28 07:55 PMID: 1958688
Fantastic news.  Thank you.