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Hi everyone.

I proposed the Samsung topic.  It is currently on a path to not pass into the official topics.  I'm trying to understand why this is happening.

Why did I propose this?  Samsung is a company; it makes many products.  Following this same logic, Apple is a company; it makes many products.  Google is a company; it makes many products.

Apple and Google have their own official topics here at EE (Apple has several topics, actually) where Experts can earn points in those topics.

Why not Samsung?


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PortletPaul2016-12-12 03:15 PMID: 1955400
Seoul ... yes and do forgive the other shocking spellings. E.g I started my working career in shipbuliding
(Was using my Samsung S5 on a train, and was unable reopen to comment to edit due to being in a tunnel.... etc.)
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We've wasted more than enough time on this.  Time to stop cutting bait and start fishing.

Some times you have to stop telling your kids to stop jumping on the couch or they'll get hurt.  Tell them that WHEN they get hurt, don't come crying to me.

Well, Kyle,
You work for the folks that can make Samsung a topic.  By all means, have it created.

One rule:
YOU are the TA for it.  You MUST monitor each and every question that comes into it.  If it needs re-TA'd, that is on you.

I'll gladly accept the I told you so if it becomes the huge success you believe it will be.  Please be sure to reciprocate and admit failure if it doesn't.
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skullnobrains2016-12-13 02:12 AMID: 1955477
apple has it's own OS and set of apps which makes it meaningful as a set of specific technologies.

regarding samsung, the following existing topics come to mind
- android, laptops, mobile phones, storage ...

it could be meaningful to create topics such as hardware-phones-samsung,  android-addons-samsung but we'd end up with way to many topics.

i fail to see the reason in lumping together questions regarding a company that provides source closed encryption devices for the military, CAO software for the industry and smart phones...
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BillDL2016-12-13 06:33 AMID: 1955521
How do I "unmonitor" this discussion so that I do not have to see the word "curate" used again?
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>>How do I "unmonitor" this discussion

The all-seeing Eye up top.  It is on the top-ish left for me.
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BillDL2016-12-13 07:30 AMID: 1955537
Oh yeah, I see it now.  It seems to be in a different place in different areas of te site.  Cheers.