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A new way to share


Here at Experts Exchange, sharing knowledge is in our DNA. Whether it’s providing solutions to a question, writing articles, creating videos, or teaching a course, we’ve tried to provide a variety of ways for everyone to contribute. Yet each of these mediums have a specific, intended purpose that may not cover every issue.

New Perspective
We understand that when you discover something interesting, it may not warrant a full-length article. Or you may have a question that doesn’t have a specific technical solution, like when you’re wanting to skim firsthand pros and cons about a new platform you’re considering. With this insight, we began to search for less formal communication channels that help members quickly share ideas and interesting content with their community.

As we worked to solve this issue, we also took note of the comments surrounding the usefulness of the content feed, the requests for more benefits in following other members, a variety of feature requests for group discussions, and concerns about losing the “community” feel Experts Exchange is known for as the platform grows.

An Easier Way to Share
So that's why we’re working on developing a simplified way to share ideas, tips, and quick thoughts with the Experts Exchange community. Write that quick tip you came up with. Share that article you saw about playing Pac-Man on the new MacBook Pro’s touch bar. Rant about your dislike of PHP. Most importantly, have it be a quick, easy, and enjoyable experience for you.

While there are still plenty of details to iron out, the initial vision is for you to share what you want and have your followers see it in their feed. If you want to share the post with a wider reach, include relevant topics so others following those topics will see it too. You may even share the post with specific groups that you’re a part of.

I could write a thousand words on our hopes for this feature. Instead, here’s a concept sketch to convey the idea:
concept wireframe
Beta Plan
As part of this rollout, we’re working on an update to the content feed to include this style of posting. Members will test a beta version of the new content feed, we’ll iterate to add or adjust new features, and then the new content feed will replace the old one. Per this plan, all project and feature details described here or shown in the mockup are, of course, subject to change.

We’re just getting started and are currently slated to work on this project throughout the first quarter of 2017.

We imagine you may have specific questions, but before diving too deep, let us know any initial “gut-check” thoughts. How do you think you might use this feature? Any hopes for it? Concerns? Interested in being part of the beta? Let us know in the comments below!


Brian J. Matis
Senior Product Manager
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Expert Comment

Jim Dettman (EE MVE)2016-12-24 01:20 PMID: 1958058
I've started a number of group discussions recently that were nothing more than announcements and this would be a perfect fit for that. Also site announcements,  news,  that type a thing.   It really does fill a niche that we don't have covered the moment. Did in the past with the blog feature, but that wasn't sitewide really.    Quick post would appear in the  Site wide newsfeed.

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Expert Comment

Kyle Santos2016-12-27 09:55 AMID: 1958315
Yeah, Twitter, Disqus, and Quora seem to have this covered.
Sure.  And so does FB.  But I would prefer to see things from those I follow here (at EE) so I don't have to use those places.  Have you tried to share technical stuff in those other social media places?  I've tried that on FB, and many of the people I'm connected to in those areas have no idea what the heck I'm talking about.  If I shared that information here at EE, more people would know what I'm talking about because they have more background in the information relevant to here than elsewhere.
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Expert Comment

Ray Paseur2016-12-27 10:14 AMID: 1958329
Agree - I wouldn't share technical information on FB, that's mostly for cat photos, etc.  But I would hope that the APIs or at least the design patterns of those sites that have already done this sort of thing become a part of E-E.  Historically we seem to have a habit of reinventing wheels with mixed-quality in the results.  And we don't do well at correcting the problems after we've (re)created them.  We still have two different editors for questions and articles!  Our "search" results are laughably irrelevant, and suggested solutions are never solutions.  How long has that been going on?  Years?  That's why I think taking some lessons from existing and successful paradigms is almost always smarter than trying to build something from scratch.
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Author Comment

Brian Matis2016-12-29 09:58 AMID: 1958817
Just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for the discussion thus far! I'm out of the office on vacation right now, but am looking forward to reviewing closer and responding when I'm back next week :-)
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Expert Comment

Ray Paseur2016-12-29 10:07 AMID: 1958820
@Kyle: I believe that Disqus is a thing you can integrate into your site.  I can't find the link now, but I'm pretty sure that E-E has already integrated Disqus into other parts of the current site.
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Author Comment

Brian Matis2017-01-05 01:54 PMID: 1959904
Thanks again for the comments everyone! I'm excited that based on what I'm seeing here, our thoughts about this feature and the gap it's intended to fill align pretty well with how most of you have mentioned wanting to use it.

One specific thing I want to address is commenting. I brought Jim's concept (of not having commenting) to the team. We discussed pros and cons of the approach, and took a look at a variety of similar services. Also, since our current build doesn't have commenting, we've been using it and getting a feel for what it's like this way. Ultimately, we've decided to go forward with commenting, BUT we are considering some sort of feature to allow disabling comments in some cases.

As for integration with Disqus, Ray is correct that it's something that can be integrated, and we currently make use of it on the EE blog (since that's a Wordpress system.) On EE itself however, since we already have our own comment system, I'm far more inclined towards leveraging that as opposed to a 3rd party integration. If we didn't already have our own commenting system, then I'd definitely be more inclined to consider something like Disqus. I'll still bring it up with the team however, to make sure we've considered it appropriately.