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Unable to update country

so here is the issue i am unable to update my country in my profile, i choose a country and it asks me for an postal code, and i enter it and it does not let me do that

i tried Canada and entered the PIn code and it says postal code incorrect or leave it empty, if i left empty it still does not work

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Mr. Wolfe2017-01-02 09:36 AMID: 1959187
Will you please report this in our feedback area and Kyle will update you tomorrow.


Mr Wolfe
Community Support Moderator
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Kyle Santos2017-01-02 12:32 PMID: 1959219
Thank you for the report.  It is a known bug.
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Kyle Santos2017-01-03 10:35 AMID: 1959370
Hello again.  I was posting on my cell phone at that time yesterday so I was not able to track down the initial report.  For posterity's sake, here is the initial report.

We have an existing defect report in our JIRA ticketing system for this and I have submitted your case to our product/development teams in that ticket on your behalf. Since we already have the development ticket, our normal support process is to resolve this support case until such time the JIRA ticket is reviewed and addressed. Once we have any new information from them we will update you. At the present time we are unable to give you any specific ETA as to when we would hear back from them.

We apologize for the inconvenience that this may have caused.