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Off-site hosting

Wondering if any of you have taken the foray into off-site hosting with clients.

 I have a client right now that has an on-premise setup for their servers.   Up time is critical to their business.    Some users are local, but many are remote and they are widespread.  However even the local users have thin clients and RDP into a RDS Server.   They also have limited IT staff for maintaining the servers (1 individual).

 It seems like this is a perfect fit for off-site hosting.   But they've taken one swing at it already with not great results, so everything was pulled in-house by the last IT guy (who is no longer with the company).  I have some experience with off-site hosting with other clients and I haven't seen that many issues, but that experience is limited.  Most of my clients are still on-premise setups.

I'm looking at a few different providers (Rackspace, Liquid Web, etc) and wondering if anyone has any favorites they use, or issues with anyone that they have used.    Their main App is a custom developed Access application, which is still using a ACE BE.   Plan is to move it to SQL at some point, but that change keeps getting pushed down the list by other requirements.   Early on when I became involved with them they had corruption on a regular basis, but are now totally stable, so the need to move to SQL became less important (performance has never been an issue).

I'd ask this as a question, but it seems like it should be more of a discussion.

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John Tsioumpris2017-01-16 08:23 AMID: 1962358
Lets face it ...if up time is critical going to an off site hosting is the only solution...
EIther MsSQL or MySQL as BE on beefy VPS with great bandwidth and carefully planning to provide just the minimum data in order to achieve maximum speed is the way to go...
As long the latency is around 50ms and the connection is at least 10Mpbs i guess the speed would be just great....Do remember that SQL is not Access...heavy queries can be redesigned and optimized for maximum efficiency ....probably in LOT of cases the speed would phenomenal as the SQL engine would crunch a lot of Data and present only the needed data...unless there is too much data involved that can't be normalized or their access to stuff like Pics...If they want maximum redundancy then the solution could scale out to even a VPS which provides RDS functionality and everyone would be just "happy"...
I don't which country we are talking about and what kind of speeds but here on Greece with poor DSL up to 24Mpbs but actually never 15Mpbs and not steady i just drooled when i saw this from my Italian VPS speeds around 25Mb/ i guess you get what i mean....just test which VPS provides the best speed and off you go....
Going a step further if we are talking about critical how about "offloading" some critical parts of the application to a Web based Application...nothing fancy at first just the bare minimum...but enough to keep the job going....
But i am afraid from the description that all these are just talk since considering the one IT guy that is in charge not much money are involved and the budget is strict to the ........
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Jim Dettman (EE MVE)2017-01-16 10:35 AMID: 1962438
The setup I'm looking at is moving all their servers to a hosted solution.   Everything would stay the same as it is now; just that terminal services /RDS would be running in the cloud.

 My focus is not  how to achieve this, but what providers are good/bad that anyone has worked with.