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How Do I Disable New Feature

I have just noticed that there is a new feature, namely a little box at the bottom left of my screen that shows me mugshots of the experts and members who are watching the question I am reading.  Presumably they too can see my mugshot.  I would prefer to have the right to read a question without others knowing that I am doing so, How do I disable this?

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James Bilous2017-01-20 03:20 PMID: 1964043
I like it because I can see if the asker is on the page and can assume we will probably have some immediate back and forth. I also like it because I know the experts in my TA's pretty well and when one is on a question I'll wait awhile to answer since they'll probably have a good answer and I won't have to waste my time. I don't really care that someone can see I'm on the page, it's as much anonymity as a chat room maintains.
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BillDL2017-01-21 12:20 AMID: 1964089
I can definitely see that it would be useful as you describe.  There are instances where I have looked at a question that I have previously participated in and realised that the asker has reached a stumbling block and is waiting for more advice, but I really don't have the time to address it at that moment.  I realise that the asker still has the page open and has most likely seen me pop up in the box.  I don't like the idea that the asker thinks I am deliberately dismissing him or her.

It's a bit like running into a supermarket in a hurry to grab a few things and seeing a chatterbox acquaintance in the next aisle.  I'm pretty sure he has seen me also, and I wish I had an invisibility cloak to slink out unseen because I don't have time to be pinned down in a conversation.

I have looked at the page codes to see if I can somehow firewall where it is being served from, almost like blocking an unwanted advert or popup, but I cannot see how this would be possible.

I still want to have the means to enable or disable this feature.
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Jan Springer2017-01-21 08:52 AMID: 1964129
I'm more curious that I don't see this at all in different OSes and browsers.
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Bill Prew2017-01-21 08:54 AMID: 1964130
I'm more curious that I don't see this at all in different OSes and browsers.
Well, you won't see it unless someone else beside yourself is also viewing that question page at the same time you are.  Perhaps you just haven't hit a question page where others are viewing at the same time as you?

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Jan Springer2017-01-21 08:55 AMID: 1964131
Ah.  Well, that's a little creepy.
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Ray Paseur2017-01-21 11:23 AMID: 1964136
... a little creepy
Yeah, it has a "stalker" feel to me.