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Multiple User IDs

Is there some ruling for users having multiple User IDs?

Just saw these two questions and thought they were duplicates but then noticed that they were different user IDs so thought maybe they were students asking the same question for homework. I then noticed that the User IDs are virtually the same but with different suffix, No1 and No2.



Looks like one question was abandoned and restarted on second question.

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Rob Jurd2017-01-18 02:50 AMID: 1963019
Thanks Rob.  Their IP addresses are also the same.  Leave it with us as we'll work out whether they're duplicate accounts or two people with the same question

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bsod2017-01-19 11:26 PMID: 1963717
Multiple User IDs are fine. I've had more than I can count.
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Rob Henson2017-01-20 12:52 AMID: 1963730
I guess its how you use them that counts. Ask a question on one ID, answer it with another and you get free points

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Rob Jurd2017-01-20 01:43 AMID: 1963757
Bsod, I gather your joking?

EE only allows one active user ID per member.

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bsod2017-01-20 03:43 AMID: 1963791
Yes, I've always been diligent about logging in/out so only one ID is active at any given time.