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So what VMware article would you like me to write ?

Okay, so request time

what VMware areas, are you struggling with, and what VMware Articles would you like me to write, do you think would be helpful?

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Not sure if this is VMWARE related, but I have seen a few questions about P2V and people suggesting that SQL or Exchange should not be virtualized.  I know this might have been the case years ago, but virtualization has come a long way.  Do you think that something should be written about this?

No, anything can be P2V, V2V, V2P if you know what you are doing. People suggest it should not be done, because they've never done it.

As for whether to virtualise a SQL or Exchange server or anything else comes down to performance required, Virtualisation is a COMPROMISE, if you need Bare Metal performance, leave it on Bare Metal!

Do not compare a Bare Metal installation with a Virtualized one - Bare Metal will always win on performance!

There is a difference between what should, and should not be done, not recommended, or Best Practice, but it can be done.

Another area is how to properly license Host and guest OS.

Simple Answer - Purchase Datacentre Licenses!
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yo_bee2017-01-30 05:23 AMID: 1966827
You asked about writing an article.  So I made a suggestions on articles that might be of interest.
I was not looking for an answer whether or not it can be done.  This I know, but others seems to post false info out on this forum.  I figured it might be an area of interest for readers and for you to share your insight with them.
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I do, when they post.....and if they read my current articles on the subject, but others do not.

I'm looking for Articles that will help the current Experts...

with items you are struggling with.

The best method, if you know it to be incorrect, is to provide evidence, it's incorrect. but it does depend on your viewpoint.

Because some will say it  cannot be done, which is not true, it can be done, with care, may not be recommended, e.g. Recommeded method build a new Exchange Server and transfer move mailboxes.

But not everybody can do that.

So depends on your view....it's one of those no wrong or right answer!
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Lofty Worm2017-01-30 05:49 AMID: 1966829
I have a general project to implement remote access and PWAS at work.  Horizon may be an option we are thinking about.  I know what it is in a general since, and I have even supported the back end servers.  But config and limitations would all be new.
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I assume the latest version Horizon View?
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Wasim Shaikh2017-01-30 11:01 PMID: 1967198
Thank you for your time Andrew.

I am also interested to see articles on Horizon 7 and the components of it like security server and access point appliance, thinapp, app volumes, user environment manager, etc.
Also topics that i am looking for is licensing on MS products like SQL, MS license for VDI, different types of agreements that Microsoft confuses me with.