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Will Gigs and Real-Time help scale up?


I love the idea of real-time help, and the minimum default rates are great. But in over a month I've only had one paid 15 minute segment, plus several in the free 5 minute period. And gigs are few and far between. I counted just 10 in the last 7 day period.

Wonder if EE is planning to encourage more clients to these services? I also do some work on freelancing sites such as Upwork and jobs I can do come through every hour there (they claim to have 3 million jobs per year). But pay is often low and jobs poorly specified. Realise EE will never approach this size, but would be good to see them be more of a competitor, hopefully at the quality end of the market.
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Jim Dettman (EE MVE)2017-02-05 07:42 AMID: 1968723
<<Wonder if EE is planning to encourage more clients to these services? >>

  I think they would like to, but you can't be too pushy or you end up being labeled a scam site "I tried to use the site, and the first thing they wanted was my credit card" or "all they did was push me to paid services".

  The trick is to make services available that people want to use, without feeling like they have been pushed into it.

  Gigs might have a shot at building a bit, but not Live.    One on one chat is simply not an efficient means of solving a problem especially when your charging $1/minute or more.   I give clients *full* service for $70/hr.   That means you can talk to me directly, I'll remote into your system  or do whatever else it takes to get the job done.  Not sitting in a chat typing back and forth where it takes ten or fifteen minutes just to flesh out a simple problem.

  With Gigs, there are two problems:

1. If your going to pay good money, you want to know what your getting and want something more than the casual relationship that Gig's offers.   Since your not sure what your getting, you go cheap and work into a relationship slowly.  But once you do, then you don't need Gig's do you?

2.  People simply not understanding what it takes to get things done.  Someone I saw offered a Gig for an Exchange migration (which can be days worth of work easily), for $150. Thanks but no thanks.

 Gig's might do somewhat OK at some point, but I never think it's going to be great and Live I don't even see going anywhere.

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I turned off gigs and/or live help. I own my own business doing only Outlook and Office 365 support. I know almost every job I have is an average of 1.5 hours. My rate is $149 per hour. I need a client agreement form completed and a 1 hour deposit before I even will remote into a computer. I cannot solve issues over a chat box.

I did need help once with a custom Outlook form and reached out to someone on a live gig, they were logged in and available and said they didn't have time to help, they claimed they were too busy. Why be logged in? Especially for VBA work. I knew it would be a few hours too and willing to pay but I got a no thank you.
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noci2017-02-05 09:47 AMID: 1968736
Well i have no happy relationship with the monetary intermediate. So having to put up with Paypal just closes it for me. Then remote work does have it's challenges esp. judicial one, what rules apply when handling a job from EU, in f.e. India/Mexico? (Probably the EE sites jurisdiction, Traveling expenses (if traveling is possible) would become prohibitive.
Most important are takers & issuers on gigs on the same level w.r.t. guesstimates on labour, run through times, result & actual job description.
That is a minefield in itself when people speak the same language and without borders in between.
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Kim Ryan2017-02-05 01:14 PMID: 1968801
If you search for web developers, designers etc on Google you will see many display ads taking you to Upwork, Freelancer etc. But as far as I can see, EE rarely advertises.

Live help seems to feel a great niche between simple questions and full projects.  Many companies would be charging out help desk staff at double the typical rates seen here (like $150/hr). Why not target some to try and out source part of that work here (such as out of hours or tele-commuter support) ?
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Helen Feddema2017-03-08 08:30 AMID: 1977661
I have had a few Live sessions, but missed many others because there is no way to get notified that someone wants help in the EE app for the iPhone.  It notifies me of updates to questions, which has some interest to me, but not when a possible Live session pops up, which is of much more interest -- why is that?  So if I am not sitting at my computer, I may miss it, and often do.
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Kim Ryan2017-03-28 04:15 PMID: 1983464
What is happening with real time help? I used to be able to see how many experts where online but this view has gone now. Also, if there was only 1 or two experts were available, I would get a few requests coming through. But have had nothing for weeks. Seems like very few people know about live help. Same with projects, which are averaging around one per day. It's no longer worth my while even monitoring this.