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New EE store (yes, swwaaaggg)

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Craig Kehler2017-02-14 05:10 PMID: 1971047
I shared your feedback in a meeting with the team working on the rewards project today, we hear you.  

Sorry to say that they decided that getting Mrs Fulks to call you Master was not in the scope of that project. :)
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MAS2017-02-15 07:21 AMID: 1971143
Thanks Kyle.
Finally EE store is live? :)
We were waiting for this  since long time.
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☠ MASQ ☠2017-02-15 03:11 PMID: 1971444
Pillows ???

@phungus69 - You need the EE cable ties, not the T Shirts :)

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Christopher Rourke2017-02-15 05:16 PMID: 1971454
I'm not just an employee, I'm also a customer. And ...

EE Swag
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Ray Paseur2017-02-18 08:29 AMID: 1972211
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Andrew Leniart2017-06-19 05:04 PMID: 2024821

LoL! How cute :)  

Wish these were available in any size, would love to present one to my 22 year old son as a gag - he'd probably wear the thing too! <g>